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UK brides wedding insurance

I am hitting a brick wall with trying to find wedding insurance to cover us. I was wondering who everyone else is using. I keep looking at policies and then reading the small print and it seems that what I want to be covered is not in most cases :( I just want us to be covered if there are any issues with delays to flights etc and in the small print most insurers (even when you specially purchase abroad wedding insurance) they don't allow you to claim for this. Thanks :D

Re: UK brides wedding insurance

  • xoedenxoeden member
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    Sounds like you might be better off looking at a really good travel insurance package!

    I don't think we're going to bother with wedding insurance.
  • We have good travel insurance through the bank but they wont insure anything to do with the wedding if there is a delay its literally just for hotel bookings etc not for the chapel or covering your rings etc if they get stolen. Insurance is such a pain in the bum! :( 
    So that's why we would like the extra insurance as we have spent a fair amount on the chapel. Plus all our deposits would be covered as well. Its so frustrating. I found some good ones and then I didn't bookmark the page and cant find what I was originally looking at so was wondering what everyone else was doing.
  • I have went with E&L Insurance, they do specialist "wedding abroad" cover and looked quite good. Think my policy was around £80 and covered most things. I also have a separate annual travel insurance policy.
  • Yeah I thought about them but then saw lots of people have had horrendous times getting the money back from them from reviews. Its so annoying I just rang John Lewis about their insurance and they were like no sorry if you cant get there tough. I did say surely that's 50% of the reason we want insurance and she was like sorry we don't do it. That is my major worry that there will be some sort of catastrophic incident with flights and stuff and we will be screwed! Although we travel on the Sunday and marry on the Wednesday (this is probably a really irrational fear but I always have to have something to be anxious about) and we are hoping to book direct and travel with Virgin Atlantic who we have had excellent customer care from in the past. Grr. Insurance companies!!!
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