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Does Anyone have a sample budget for an Indian Wedding?

I know there are a lot of budgets that pop up when you google for them. However, I am looking for a specific budget for Indian (gujurati) weddings. I just realized that after talking to a lot of different people that there is more to the wedding than just decorations and stuff. I understand that there would be tons of misc. expenses but looking at a sample budget would help so much! 

Can anyone please help? Thanks! 

Re: Does Anyone have a sample budget for an Indian Wedding?

  • Hi! I dont have a budget since I just started planning my wedding but what I do have is a list of things I am going to look for prices of. I have made the list below. I hope this helps and if you end up getting a list would you mind passing it on? It would help a lot to figure out if I am missing anything that I need to keep a budget for. Thank you and I hope this helps!
    • Venues: Vedhi, garba, wedding ceremony, reception
    • Food: 3 different vendor prices at the moment and list of additional costs that come with them
    • DJ
    • Decorator: for all events
    • Photographer/videographer
    • horse and buggy for bharat
    • liquor
    • outfits
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