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Engagement ring insurance

I just got engaged on May 28th!! :) I am wanting to put insurance on my engagement ring, but the only options I have found so far is making it a rider on either homeowners or renters insurance policies... We do not have either of those. Is there any other way to get insurance on it? TIA


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    I don't know about the insurance, but congrats and happy planning!
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  • There are stand alone jewellery policies you can get - try googling stand alone jewellery policy and your city/state, something should come up. You should get a few quotes and make sure to read the fine print very, very carefully.

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    I have mine insured through Perfect Circle insurance.  They once were Jewelers Mutual.

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  • We didn't have homeowners (because we aren't) or renters insurance when we got engaged, but I wanted to get my ring insured.  I didn't know there were stand-alone jewelry insurers at the time, so I just called around to different insurance companies (including my auto insurer) to get renters insurance quotes.  I figured renters insurance was probably a smart thing to have anyway if it was affordable.  I ended up finding a renters policy for $18/month through Liberty Mutual that has great coverage for our apartment/possessions and also covers my ring.  I didn't need to get a jewelry rider because the appraised value of my ring is under a certain amount.

    PPs gave great advice too if you aren't interested in getting a renters policy.  Good luck and congratulations!!

  • ohmrs2014 said:
    I have mine insured through Perfect Circle insurance.  They once were Jewelers Mutual.
    This is who we used as well. I wanted a policy for the ring just in case I lost it while on vacation or something. Our homeowners insurance did not seem to have answers I liked about loss while not at home.
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