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Wine Cork Glue

We are making table number holders out of wine corks, but not sure what kind of glue to use to hold them together. I have read liquid cement, E6000, wood glue, hot glue... Anyone else done this and have a recommendation for what really works?

Re: Wine Cork Glue

  • First - do you have an image you can attach or a description of how exactly you'd like them to be glued together?  Different glues work best for different projects.  Without knowing this it's hard to say "use this glue"...
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  • I've made some letters out of wine corks and hot glue has worked just fine. We've moved in the process of planning so it has held up to being transported in boxes and jostled around. Pretty easy too!
  • Are you just gluing cork to cork or are you gluing the cork to some kind of stand? 

    Cork in general is pretty easy to glue...I use hot glue for a lot of projects where I'm trying to hold something in position because it sets very quickly. Something like Tacky Glue (generic craft glue, stronger than Elmer's but still water soluble etc.) would also work well for holding cork to cork.  However, if you're gluing anything to a smooth metal surface (like the usual table number stands) that can be harder to hold. 

    Like MesmrEwe said more specifics would be helpful but for general advice, this site:
    Is one I've found useful for glue recommendations in the past. 
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