San Francisco Bay Area Dress Alteration - Suggestions?

I bought a pretty inexpensive bridal gown ($400), and all I need done as far as alterations is to hem it all the way around....
The cheapest quotes I have been able to find are $200!!
It seems hard to believe that building the whole dress is $400, and half that just to hem a few inches off the bottom... 

I need help! does anyone have any less expensive suggestions?

Re: San Francisco Bay Area Dress Alteration - Suggestions?

  • You will not find any less expensive options, this is what it is. Just because the dress costs $400 does not mean the price of your alterations should be affected by that. Hemming all the way around is a lot of work, especially if there is lace or other stuff on it that needs to be un-stitched and sewn back on. Hemming is usually done in the front and then the train is left alone. I know this because I work for a custom bridal shop in the bay area and I see dresses and alterations everyday.
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