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Ceremonial Sword Rental

We are travelling from Ireland to Las Vegas to get married. My Fiance is in the military service, and we'd like for him to wear his uniform and have a guard of honour. Does anyone know where you can rent ceremonial swords in Vegas?! Anyone...

Re: Ceremonial Sword Rental

  • I have never heard of that.  Keep in mind that you use authorized sabers not ceremonial swords for the arch.  Here is a link to those sabers.

    If he is in the military he needs to use the appropriate saber and those should not ever be found in a rental place.
  • My FI is an officer in the Navy and he wanted the arch. His buddies that are coming do not have their own yet, so he contacted a local ROTC and they are allowing him to borrow the authorized swords for no charge (pretty sure it's swords for the Navy. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong - still learning!).

    You could see if there is a ROTC program for your FI's branch nearby.

    Make sure that you guys are following all of the correct protocol for your FI's branch with regards to the arch.
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