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Help me pick out dishes -PIP

WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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So, our current set is slowly starting to fall apart. We've got it narrowed down to 3 sets. What do you think?? The first two are the same set, one in grey, the other in blue. They're China, but pretty casual. The last is a casual stone wear. They all have the same pieces available. We just bought some open stock to see it in the kitchen

Re: Help me pick out dishes -PIP

  • I like the blue.

    Can they all go in the dishwasher?


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  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya mod
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    They're so different! I can't choose!

    Seriously though, I like the grey with your table and colors. But I prefer the mug of the blue one in the middle.
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  • Personally I like the gray. I love the little stripe on the outer edge, and I tend to lean towards neutral colors for things you use every day like dishes because 1. I'm less likely to get sick of them fast, and 2. they match everything.  

    We have all white dishes so I like being able to put whatever other colors/decorations on my table and do different looks and whatnot, and obviously the white never clashes. 
  • Although navy is a neutral too, I also like the gray ones Novella likes, but not with these placemats... too blah IMO.  But placemats are easier to change, so I do like those too.

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  • I love the first two - but am leaning more toward the first one (grey). Very nice!
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I like the blue. On the table pic, the blue one in the middle. 
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  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    I like them all.       Although we are plan white dish people ourselves.

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  • beachyone15beachyone15 TEXAS (the home of my exes) member
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    I vote blue!

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  • I like the blue in the middle picture.
  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    Are you going to use them everyday? I have to say that while I love the look of the first two I would not chose them because that silver ring (while beautiful) prevents it from being microwave safe. I don't know about you but I need to be able to pop some leftover Thanksgiving meal on a plate and nuke that baby.



  • I personally love the first two.

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  • wandajune6wandajune6 Chicago-ish member
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    I like the blue but, like some of the PPs, we're plain white dish people too.
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  • emmaaaemmaaa North Carolina mod
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    I like the China better than the Stoneware. It's hard to choose between the blue or the gray but I'm leaning blue.

    Is the China dishwasher safe? I wouldn't care if it were microwave safe but I want to be able to put it in the dishwasher

  • arrippaarrippa Sam Adams Craft Commonwealth member
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    I like both the blue and gray stripe but ifi I had to choose, it would be the blue China.

  • stefuhkneestefuhknee Spread Love it's the Brooklyn Way member
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    I'm in the minority here with a vote for the stoneware. It feels very sleek, simple and contemporary which is more my style.

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  • Before I saw the pics, I said "gray" because I love gray/beige/greige (my dishes on my registry are the "Graeden" line from C&B, all different shades of greige).  But after looking at them, I actually like the stoneware the best.  The bowl is a nice shape and I think that one is more modern looking than the china ones.  
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  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    They are all dishwasher safe, though the china isn't microwave safe, but we never microwave our plates anyway, so that's not really an issue.  Everything microwaved is in tupperware already.  And yes, they would all be our everyday.  We can "dress up" the china by accessorizing with the fancy tea cup it comes with.  This is the hardest decision ever.  

    I could take all of them.  DH prefers the china, but can't pick colours.  I loved the blue in store, and in the mornings, but liked the grey more in the evening.  (Sun changed colour a bit).    

  • kvrunskvruns member
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    I hate stoneware so I pick the gray out of the two China versions just because it might be more versatile if you try to match decorations or whatever (note: I have never tried to match plates to anything and don't decorate the table but I'm sure some people do)
  • I really like the blue china, but they are all really nice. I would have a really hard time deciding if microwave-safe wasn't a factor. We microwave our bowls and plates fairly frequently (a lot of leftovers).
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I like the gray - more neutral than blue.  Another fan though of plain white though - that's what we have. We get our color from holiday or seasonal touches.
  • I would recommend the china if you won't be using the microwave.  It will chip less easily than the stoneware pottery.  It is also probably lighter weight.  I like the blue, personally, but that isn't as important as durability.
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    We went with the blue.  It was on sale for 25% off, plus another 15% for opening a Bay card.  And they're shipping it all to our house for free.  

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