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Knot pick/grouchy vendor!

We've been looking for a reasonable photographer in the South Shore/Cape area. Accent photography was voted "Knot pick" 2007-2010. Went to their website - seemed to do amazing work. Photographer Michael called me back. HE IS SUCH A GROUCH! He was rude and pushy! We want to stay within budget, but don't want to sacrifice personality! HELP!

Re: Knot pick/grouchy vendor!

  • i dont' know who picks the "knot pick" since i've never heard of him and have been on this site for a couple of years.  i have a feeling that these "picks" are simply vendors who pay to advertise on the knot website.

    I used Rupert Whitely b/c he was middle-range for price with unlimited hours (seriously, he shot for 11 hours) and we loved his style. 

    I think ppl here have been raving about shoreshotz lately, but it's worth scrolling through others' vendor reviews to see who is actually recommended.
  • What's your budget?
    I chose Portrait New England because they are very reasonably priced and they do great work. I found them based on a recommendation from this board, so I assume they cover the Cape too.
    Oh, btw, they are super nice and have been awesome to work with so far.
  • Try Rhonwen Churchill.  We're using her and she's been wonderful to work with, and isn't too expensive.
  • Thanks girlies!
    Both photographers have great websites! I emailed both, and am waiting for a response! Keeping my fingers crossed! :0)
  • Hi I am using LMZ Photography, She is from Plymouth and is amazing. Amy has done my Save the Dates so far and I have had SOOO many people tell me how much they love them. I think she is Very resonable too. 
  • I have also picked Portrait New England.  They have been so very nice and very patient about answering all questions and returing e-mails quickly.
  • Knot Pick really doesn't amount to much.  They're paid advertisers - simple as that.

    Check out Berryphotos at  They have a ton in their packages and are VERY nice and easy to work with.  
  • The knot pick is awarded to vendors by the reviews they recieve from the couples they have worked with.  It is also awarded to vendors that do not advertise with the knot. 

    Accent used to be A Fine Image...I believe they are a company similar to the Pros & Studio Blue.  They must not have recieved good reviews from the couples they have worked with becasue they did not recieve the award the past 2 years...and the name changed...

  • Grouchy is never FUN! We chose our photographer with the help of this board and she is aweseom and super friendly!  Her name is Amanda and she is from Shoreshotz Photography. She has been INCREDIBLE to work with! She is very easy to communicate with. We had our engagement photos a couple of months ago and had such an awesome experience- she makes you feel comfortable and is really great at capturing a couples "spirit". You won't be let down!
  • Try Kaufman Photography, Kate is awesome! very friendly and easy to work with!
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