Cheap Engraving Monterey County?

Does anyone know a good place in Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz to engrave flasks? I bought 5 flasks online, but every place I've been to asks for $10-$20 per flask for engraving. Does anyone know a cheaper place??? I just moved here and I'm new to the area.

Re: Cheap Engraving Monterey County?

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    What exactly do you want engraved? The guys names or your wedding date?  I think if they are for your GM's you should leave them plain.  Most people really don't like having personalized stuff with someone's wedding date on them.  Maybe instead of spending that $15-20/flask, instead include a bottle of the guys favorite alcohol.  EX: Joe loves whiskey, give him a bottle of Pendleton.  John loves vodka, give him a bottle of Skyy. Etc. and then they can fill their flasks and have a good time at your reception.
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    Yeah seriously, I don't really have any recs for this, but if you're putting their names or YOUR names OR your wedding date, leave it blank. Nothing says "don't use me again" like having someone else's name and wedding date or it, or your own name for that matter.
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