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Engaged! Pics inside. Antique ring

This is my first thread!

I'm in the UK and my darling man proposed on my birthday this week. We are so excited. Looking at May wedding next year.

My e-ring is an antique platinum ring with an old mine cut diamond 2.4ct. I colour and VS clarity. It's so sparkly! The side baguettes also give off a lot of fire. E-rings in the UK are generally smaller than in USA so I know I'm very lucky. He is a champion and I can't wait to call him my husband.

Hello to the knot community :)

Re: Engaged! Pics inside. Antique ring

  • Wow your ring is insanely beautiful, congrats!

    (Are e-rings in the US considered typically large?  I think mine is .83ct, and I'd say that most of my friends and co-workers have rings that aren't all that much larger...)
  • Aww thank you. That's lovely. I'm delighted!!
    They say average in the UK is .25ct. I'm not sure what the average is in the USA. Looking at the threads on here it seems all the American girls have whoppers. Diamonds are certainly better value in the states. We are going to NYC in October. My fiancé originally booked the trip to buy my e-ring as his research showed how much more he'd get for his money. It turns out he found this antique one by chance much closer to home! He are still doing our New York trip though, and buying our bands as platiums cheaper too than here.
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    Congrats and happy planning!
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  • Congrats! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous, love antiques!
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    Congrats! I recognize that ring from ps ;) Glad it all worked out! Happy wedding planning!
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    Gorgeous! I have an old European cut myself. :)

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