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So, while I wait for my boss to now send me the spreadsheet to get her the budget data today that she just told me about at 8:45, I figured I'd pass along this marriage-related joke I heard at my shower.

A young man tells his mother he has happy news; he's met the love of his life and that he's proposed and she has accepted.  He is going to bring three women home to meet her; one will be his future wife, and he wants to see if his mom can tell which one he'll marry.

Mom and the ladies spend the day together; in the evening when her son arrives he asks if she thinks she knows which woman it is.  His mother says, "yes, I know.  It's her (and points to said woman)."  Her son is amazed because she is in fact right.  "Mom, how could you have possibly known?" he asks.

"Because she's the one I don't like."

Waka waka waka.

Re: Marriage Joke

  • Ha! That's great!

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  • hahahahahahahaha

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  • Har har.  Thankfully, FI's mom likes me (at least as far as I can tell).  But his dad's girlfriend, well, she likes me too but I'm not crazy about her.
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    Love it!  Totally gave me a laugh.

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  • I guess I don't have the stereotypical relationship with my MIL. She loves me - she tells everyone she "FINALLY has a daughter!" - and I love her.
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  • @tfmrserwin my MIL does the same lol
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    This is funny.  Fortunately I don't have that type of relationship with my MIL.  Both MIL and FIL love me.  When DH and I were dating I remember FIL telling him he better not screw up or break my heart bc he'd have to kick his ass haha.  My mom doesn't not like DH, they just have major differences.  My dad though adores DH as the son he always wanted.
  • I'm there with you ladies.  I love my FILs and they love me.  MIL has already told fiance that if we split, she's maintaining a relationship with me- ha ha!

    My fiance isn't as close with my parents and vice versa b/c my parents live in AZ (we're in IL) and they have only spent time together twice in the 4 years (today!) we've been dating.

    The joke was told to me by a friend who is a "classic" Italian Mama.  Her kids are her world and she's conservative and traditional.  Her son is about to propose to someone.  (She actually likes the girl- has known her for years, she was/still is one of her daughter's BFFs.) 

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