Wedding Distractions

Is anyone else as distracted about anything "wedding" as I am?

I am finishing up my Bachelor's in Business (online...*boring*) and find myself skimming these forums more often than I should.

Granted, I still complete all my work, but I definitely waste more time on here than I should. Oops.

Re: Wedding Distractions

  • So distracted!

    I'm still 6 months from my wedding, but I have everything planned out. The only reason everything isn't already done is because it's too early to send out the invitations and the favors are food items... Yet, I can't stop looking at and researching everything wedding. It's starting to cause me to double guess myself.
  • We still have over 1.5 years left! We are going to be signing the contract for our venue this week though, so that will make it easier to start getting other vendors in order.

    School is my first priority, but once I graduate in May it'll be the 1 year mark for the wedding, so I'll get to focus more on the details!


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