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photo booth attendant-how much would you tip?

Hello. Our wedding is in 24 days and we're trying to finalize details, like how much to tip vendors.  We won't be tipping our vendors that own their own companies, but we will have two photo booth attendants for the 4 hours the booth is up and running, that are employees of a company.  We are, of course, providing them a meal.

FI thought $20 each for a tip, I was thinking more around $50.  What would you tip?


Re: photo booth attendant-how much would you tip?

  • What will the attendants be doing? The only photo booths I've been in at weddings had no attendants, so I'm not sure what 2 would do the whole time.

    If they're on their feet entertaining guests or something, I'd give them $50 each. If they're just sitting there making sure no one damages anything (what I suspect they'd do?) I'd say closer to $20, if anything.
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  • We tipped or photbooth attendee $60 or about 10% of their price. Our contract suggested a tip, so I tippped them. Any contract that suggested a tip, I tipped. Like you noted- vendors that own their own companies I did not tip. I generally tipped 10-15 percent of their price we were paying.
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    We are having a photo booth guest book, so tey'l be helping facilitate that.  They won't be entertaining anyone, just keeping a general eye on things and helping if anyone has questions.

    Thank You!

    ETA meant to reply o @CElizabeth 419


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