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Married! - review on Caesars palace WARNING lengthy review.

im from the UK and started planning my Vegas wedding 14months ago and married on August 26th 2015! Huge thanks to all the knotties that helped me with all my questions. I'll start from the beginning. My husband and I knew we wanted to get married at Caesars palace and ended up choosing Juno gardens since reviews on here about the Venus gardens being so close to the pool and a lot of excess noise and we didn't want that for our day. We hadn't been to Vegas before which now looking back would have been better so we knew where everything was situated and options. We booked Juno gardens through wedding coordinator Rebecca. Rebecca answered all my questions however not very quickly at the beginning since my wedding was a long way off I think she prioritised closer weddings which is fine. Once the wedding was booked and all photo/video/flower packages were chosen Rebecca sent me different reception options to consider. We looked at planet Hollywood, trevi, serendipity 3 in the forum shops. (Having not being to Vegas before I didn't know how big Caesars actually was but I wasn't keen on walking the forum shops in my wedding dress) I'm glad we didn't choose a restaurant here since it is miles away from Juno gardens. All of the above restaurants had a $2500 minimum spend for our group of 22 guests. I was concerned that we only had a two hour window for food and drinks and then what/where would we go. We looked into private tables in nightclubs however my younger brother (15years old) wouldn't have been able to join which would then have meant my parents wouldn't either. We then decided about an In suite reception and hunted round all the hotels via Internet for the best suite for the best price. We eventually settled for the absolute suite in Caesars palace so we didn't have far for our guests to walk to, to get to our reception. I did look at cosmopolitan wrap around suite which we loved and a lot less expensive but for health and safety they wouldn't allow more than 15 guests in one suite. So we booked the absolute suite online since the amount of phone calls to America was getting pricey and it's easy to do online. I was in constant communication with Lanora sands regarding the suite and how to book. Once booked I ordered our food and beverage package through Lanora since the contract states no outside food and beverage allowed and the worry wort I am didn't want any hassle on my wedding day trying to get food and drink up. Once everything was finalised with Lanora and the perfect package was arranged to our budget I wanted to pay in full so we didn't have to sort the bill out afterwards on the start of our honeymoon. Lanora said this wasn't possible and that the bill would be charged to the room and payed on check out. I accepted this since was told there was no other way. So with everything sorted we flew over with our 22 guests and the day before the wedding we went to check out the Juno gardens. I was horrified that there was no other way to it than actually walking past people on their sunloungers I knew it was near the pool but I guessed there would be a walk way behind the pool/sun loungers but no there wasn't. We stepped inside Juno gardens to have a peek and it didn't look like the pictures. It was a bit of a mess (not sure if it was due to be cleaned up before a wedding didn't ask) and there was loud music on at the pool which started to panic me since it was easily heard in the Juno gardens and would be awful if a ceremony was taking place during that. I went upstairs to speak to Rebecca the wedding coordinator who wasn't there but spoke to another lady who assured me there would be no loud music from the pool when we were married. So we both said to each other whatever happens happens and at the end of the day we will be married. The morning of the wedding I phoned up Caesars to see if I could get into the suite earlier (another concern since other knotties had told me they had a problem with this) however we were able to check in at 9.30am. Our wedding was at 5pm and the fact that I left the belt to my wedding dress at home and only just realised once getting the wedding dress on and 5minutes from walking down the aisle wasn't the best start but wasn't Caesars fault. As my maid of honour walked out before me I turned to my dad and said this isn't my music. Nothing I could do at this point so I let that slide. The ceromoney was perfect and our extra hour of photography was brilliant. We arrived back at the absolute suite at 6.30pm to people asking what time our meal was. I couldn't remember since I booked it so long a go I thought I'd ring up room service just to check. Room service told me there was no order for the suite. I asked to speak to the manager who was rude and unhelpful and wanted me on my wedding day to send proof of ordering to her via email. I didn't have my phone on me it was my wedding day. My brother had his iPad and I asked for her to come to the room to speak with me. After an hour of the manager telling me I hadn't put the order in and me showing her the emails to confirm I had she eventually told me it would take two hours to get the food I ordered ready. This was now 7.30pm which meant my guests wouldn't eat till 9.30pm but what more could I do. I asked for the bar package to be brought up straight away so at least my guests could have a drink. 8.15pm the bar arrived it was the wrong one. So after more arguing with the manager and proving what I ordered we got the correct bar package. This all happened outside the door of our suite whilst our guests waited inside not having really spoken to me. I of course was in tears. It was my wedding day and I spent it arguing with the manager trying to rectify our wedding night. The food arrived at 9.15pm it wasn't correct but I couldn't argue anymore. She sent up a complementary bottle of sky vodka like that made everything ok. We carried on the rest of the night we gave poker chips as our favours and our guests joined us in the casino. The absolute suite itself is very tired looking and well used. Two baths leaked that were used, the iPod station didn't work this took another hour earlier in the day for someone to come sort. We paid $1558 for one night in this room not including food or drink. The next morning we went to check out and asked to speak with Lanora the woman I put my order in with via email from the UK. The manager told us on the night that it was lanaors fault and she didn't pass on the order and to take it up with her. Lanora did apologise and offered us $300 off our final bill as compensation. I paid more in gratitude to Caesars and this is for good service. I did not receive good service so I was not happy with what was offered. I asked to speak with the manager who I was told was unavaible. I said I would wait till she was available so we were given a 2.30pm check out. The manager Nicole came and met us and was very apologetic and said she couldn't believe it had happened. We voiced our disappointment with Caesars who creates this image of the best hotel in Vegas. Eventually we received $755 off our bill. No amount of money will make up for the fact our wedding was ruined by Caesars and its whole set up is ridiculous you get passed from one person to another. I am sorry for the lengthy review but I wanted to share my experience to warn others, this is actually a shortened down version of events and if anyone wants anymore information about In suite reception at Caesars I will be happy to answer your questions!

Re: Married! - review on Caesars palace WARNING lengthy review.

  • Oh gosh i cannot believe you had that experience especially as they are doing it all the time you would think they are simple enough requests to get right! The main thing is your married and it's a story you will not forget in a hurry! I'm getting married at Juno gardens next month also a UK bride so the info on the location of Juno gardens etc is really helpful! Thank you for being honest. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Las Vegas. And congratulations to you both
  • Wow that is horrible; sorry you had to go through that on wedding day.  It sometimes amazes me how certain people get jobs in public-facing customer service roles.

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  • WOW that is so awful. It sounds like you did all you could and at least Ceasar's did something, but by then it was too late. At least the ceremony went over well :)
  • Holy crap, that is AWFUL. I'm so, so sorry you had to go through all that. Caesar's owes you a new wedding as far as I'm concerned. You would be totally justified in flaming them on every review site there is.

    (If you do, name names and don't hold back. Corporations nowadays don't give a rat's ass if you call their own CS people, but they genuinely do fear losing half a star on Yelp and TripAdvisor)
  • Yeah, because a $15 bottle of vodka that tastes like hair spray is going to fix everything.

    I am SO sorry you had such an awful experience! I agree with @damnthetorpedoes, I think everything should have been comped at that point, that is absolutely appalling. 

    Please share your review EVERYWHERE, because as a bride who is not familiar with the property (I always think Caesar's smells funny so I know nothing about it, but seriously considered Juno Gardens!), or even if you're a bride that is, that's a no-go deal-breaker won't-even-consider-that-venue kind of story that we want to be aware of.

    In other, happier news: you're now married! You have a husband! All your planning is behind you and now you have a blissful wedded life ahead of you!
  • Wow, you really don’t expect that lack of service from anywhere in Vegas (let alone Caesars) when you’ve spent so much money. I’m so sorry you had such an awful experience with them. Thanks for sharing though because it might really help out another bride who’s still in the planning stages. I agree with the two above – I’d be posting reviews about your experience EVERYWHERE!

  • I am so sorry that you experienced such horrible service with Caesars. I cannot even imagine. But as everyone said, the most important thing is that you are married to your love, and it sounds like you have a lot of people who love and support you enough to fly out to Vegas and celebrate with you. Overall, a win! :)  (although Caesars owes you BIG TIME!!!)
  • How horrible! Sorry you had to go through all of that. Hopefully the rest of your time was fun :) 
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