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Not so perfect wedding date.

My fiance and I are finally getting married after 2 long years of engagement! We picked March 26th because it is the Saturday before our 6 year anniversary of being together. BUT, I come to realize after paying the deposit that it is the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Although my side of the family is not religious, his is. Also, the majority of both our families will be traveling out of state. 

Do you all think this will be a conflict to anyone? I am not sure if I can change the date or not. I may also be freaking out due to Bride stress, lol.

Re: Not so perfect wedding date.

  • I'm also getting married March 26! Both of our families are not religious, though, so it's a little bit different.

    I think that if you really want that date (and you already paid the deposit!) that you stick with it! Maybe it will encourage that family traveling out of state to still do something nice on Easter, even if it's different from what they traditionally might do.  They could still find a church nearby or find a nice restaurant to have an Easter lunch/dinner.  I think your family will understand - there are only so many weekends/Saturdays within a year and there are a lot of other circumstances that go into picking a wedding date!  Good luck planning :) 
  • We picked March 25th (yay for Fridays being cheaper!) so far, no one has said negative anything about it being Good Friday. We will be providing shrimp in addition to our beef and chicken. But everyone is really excited. Just remember, the ones that are going to be there will be there no matter what because they love you that much, it doesn't matter when it is! 
  • If you had chosen Good Friday or Holy Saturday - there might be an issue, but Palm Sunday weekend is really NBD in terms of a date for the wedding.  If anything it's a busy weekend for Prom Season, so book your florist and DJ early, but otherwise, nothing to really worry about..
  • Kind of reviving this a little bit...

    We are getting married March 28 (yes, I know it's a Monday).  It would have been my FFIL and FMIL 30th anniversary.  FMIL passed exactly 1 year to the day before I met FI.  He wanted to honor their marriage.  We also didn't realize until we had booked our wedding that it was Easter weekend. 

    Both of our families are religious, and because the day before our wedding is Easter, we are having the rehearsal on Saturday.  Our venue wouldn't allow Sunday.  We've been able to snag a conference room at the hotel, and my cousin, who is a pastor, will be doing the service on Sunday for everyone who wants to come, followed by brunch.  We are taking the opportunity to have our families spend their first holiday together (especially since FI is convinced we will host all holidays).

    When I voiced my concerns to our VIP's, several VIP's stated "Jesus's first miracle was at a wedding," so no one had a problem with it.

    If you are in a contract already, I would recommend finding a few churches with Easter services for OOT guests.  You may want to talk with FI's family about how to best accommodate their family. 
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