Day of Coordinator... Do you have any recommendations?

I need a DOC to setup/takedown everything at my wedding, I am getting married at Holcomb Farm and they only provide tables and chairs. I know I need a DOC but it's very difficult to find any reviews. Please help!

Re: Day of Coordinator... Do you have any recommendations?

  • I'm in the same boat... I'm getting married at a private park. We're bringing in chairs, flowers, the whole shebang and we need someone to physically set up and break down our ceremony. Unfortunately, finding a day of coordinator who is willing to do this has not been an easy feat. Most of the coordinators I've spoken to and attempted to work out contracts with refuse to do any of the physical tasks needed and those that are willing cost more than my entire wedding budget.

    Where in CT are you located? Most of the vendors I have been talking with are located in Western CT. I can send you a couple of names of the more expensive reputable coordinators I found if you'd like.
  • If you search this board for DOC's you will find some good recs. There are some board favorites whose names come up a lot.
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  • I am getting married in Granby, CT. I think I may have to rent my venue the night before to set everything up. I'll check out the DOC recommendations on here.
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