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Adults Only Honeymoon!

Hi Everyone!

My fiancé and I are struggling trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon next June. We are looking to spend between $3,000-$4,000 and stay for about 6/7 days. We will be flying out of Newark Airport. We want to go to an adults only all inclusive and are open to anywhere really.

Must haves include: Great food, great drinks, swim up bar, live music (fiancé specifically requested steel drums), excursions nearby, and an overall lively atmosphere -- we definitely want to relax part of the time but also don't want it to be too quiet for the rest!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Adults Only Honeymoon!

  • Your post sounded Carribean, so I did some light Googling to confirm - Riviera Maya and Cancun both have resorts that are specifically-adult only and often have great deals. You'd need to tweak to your specifications for the length of time and quality of hotel, but totally doable. A few of my friends have done that in the past. 

    Also, smart move on traveling from Newark - we're doing that instead of out of Philly for our honeymoon and it's saving us almost $1000!
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    A smidge outside of your budget, but H and I went to Sandals La Toc- St. Lucia for 6 days for $4400.  Flight out of Newark.

    I highly, highly recommend!! 
  • Secrets the Vine in Cancun was adults only, good food and drinks, and lots of fun.  The only thing they didn't have that is on your "want list" is a swim-up bar, but they do have waiter service poolside.
  • Pretty much everything on your list was available at Sandals Ochi in Ocho Rios Jamaica. My husband and i loved it! We probably spent closer to $5.5K though for a week after adding excursions. We did stay at a club level room so there were cheaper options though being club level was nice because room service was included and they had a stocked bar in our room which was included. Good luck!
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  • I agree with @marriedhamstermom ! We're going to Sandals Ochi and we were looking for an inexpensive lively resort..As much as i love spending quality time with my FH, we wanted a fun social spot.
  • No steel drums, but Cabo has some very nice adults only resorts. I stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and it was gorgeous (and the food was incredible). It's on the pacific side and very secluded, but offers play at the other 3 resorts w/ free transport (2 are in cabo proper on the busy beach). Lots of booze cruises/snorkeling/etc available. And the town is nice and pretty safe to walk around too.
  • @100yroldblinddog yes Newark always seems to have great prices! We were looking in that area so far!
  • @NowIAmSyp what was it like in terms of the atmosphere and lively vs quiet?

    It looks gorgeous! 
  • @kaos16 was it more younger full party mode or just lively enough?

    @marriedhamstermom the numbers I threw out there were not including excurisions or any extras -- really just for flight and hotel stay -- thank you for the suggestion I'll take a look!

    @jcocco219 what other places did you look at for comparison?

    @teddygirl9 do you know if there was room service included?

    Thank you everyone for all the help!!

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    AGM2016 said:
    @NowIAmSyp what was it like in terms of the atmosphere and lively vs quiet?

    It looks gorgeous! 
    For me, it was the perfect combination of both.  The pool is hopping during the day, with lots of people, music, swim-up bar, etc.  The restaurants are busy at night, and there's always some sort of entertainment and/or games going on at the pavilion at night.  But if you want a little calmer, you can go to the beach (less people on the beach), hang out in a cabana, go to the quiet pool, etc.  Everything kind of settles down around 10-11pm, which is perfect.

    I honestly had the best time- it was a perfect honeymoon.  Good luck!
  • Yes, room service and poolside service was included at the pueblo bonito.
  • Excellence Riviera Maya.  For sure.

    The only thing keeping me from recommending Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia (our honeymoon location!) was that the massage staff and photographers were SO ANNOYING.  Like, leave me alone, I'm on vacation, I do not want to hear about specials or have a photoshoot midday when I'm disgusting.  Also, we are beach people, and La Toc is very much a pool people place.  And no room service at La Toc... you have to call and go pick it up.  Wish we had known that going in.

    Excellence is beach and pool friendly, and just effing CHILL.  Loved it.
  • We just booked our honeymoon for next June, going to Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios. Adults/couples only, all inclusive. As I haven't been there, I can't personally say for sure, but from reviews I've read it has everything you're looking for. Also includes excursions to Dunn River Falls, Margaritaville, snorkeling, shopping trip, etc. (one of the major reasons we chose this resort). We're flying out of Detroit so prices might be a bit different from Newark, but we paid right around $3k for 5 nights so I'd think it'd be in your price range as well!
  • Thank you everyone for the suggestions and help!!

    We finally booked and we're going to Excellence Playa Mujeres and couldn't be more excited!! It came in a little higher than what we were looking for but we feel we got a great deal and the place seems to have nothing but amazing reviews!
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