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Happy Festivus!

It is time for the airing of grievances.  Leave them here:


Re: Happy Festivus!

  • Confession - I love Festivus but I hate Seinfeld.

    Bring it.

  • labro said:
    Confession - I love Festivus but I hate Seinfeld.

    Bring it.

    Poles are so much easier to decorate!

  • JFC I'm the only one....

  • @AlPacina There is no excuse for this shit. None.

    speakeasy14AlPacina[Deleted User]Swazzle
  • @labro - I HATE Seinfeld. It's just not funny to me. 


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    labrospeakeasy14Peaseblossom55[Deleted User]
  • Okay, I'll play! 

    I'm pissed at TK because I keep trying to get on here and it won't let me!! I had all the opportunity in the world to come on yesterday and it just wouldn't let me on! Today everything popped back up for me to be able to see notifications and reply. Now that I think of it.. I hope this posts!

    @speakeasy14 I hope that answers why I haven't been on to tell you! 

    I realize this is a lame grievance to air but I've been so frustrated that I haven't been around much to read anything. I'll try to think of more.
    friends tv show funy
  • @swazzle & @labro for making me want to spend all the money. You and your cute clothes, and HC meals, and holiday décor, and new car. I want to buy all the things!

    @speakeasy14 Are the newer people not good enough for you?! JK



  • I mean, you already stole everything I wanted to say, so... 


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    speakeasy14labro[Deleted User]
  • @goldenpenguin hahaha I meant with your lacking in being on the leaderboard, but yes lack of grievances too
  • I am so whiney and exhausted. I don't even want to be around myself right now.

    That's all I'm really going to go with today.


  • @labro - I don't really want to get into a back and forth of whether or not my reasons are valid or whether or not anyone else agrees, so I will answer your question but that's it. I basically hate her because she acts like she hates being the center of attention and she acts like she is just a "normal girl" who somehow became a celebrity. For me it feels inauthentic and makes her seem ungrateful for achieving something that so many people are struggling to achieve every day. If you hate being the center of attention, then maybe being a movie star isn't the best career path. It would be like if I became a CPA and then went on telling everyone how much I hate numbers and math. And even if I give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she truly felt a calling to be an actress but honestly wanted to avoid the spotlight, she could have become a stage actress or stuck to roles in lesser known films. I also don't buy her "tripping" on the red carpet or at awards shows multiple times. Again, I think it's all part of her image that she's just a regular person who woke up and found herself in the spotlight, and I don't buy it.

    @speakeasy14 - My $0.02 on TK being too PC and/or having to think about what you post before you post it: I think thinking before you speak so feelings don't get hurt is part of being a person, and isn't limited to TK. If anything I think you (general you) have to be more thoughtful about what you say here simply because it's just words and there is no tone of voice or non-verbal cue to help communicate. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think people here are more sensitive than IRL friends, but that it's just because of the nature of the forum that it's so much easier to take things the wrong way. Just as in face to face communication, there are ways to express different opinions respectfully and ways that are less than respectful, IMO. I think it's perfectly fine to agree to disagree, but I admit that the snarky GIFs or people who have to keep making their point over and over instead of just agreeing to disagree raise my hackles. Of course everyone is free to post whatever they like, but everyone else is also free to have their own reaction as well.
  • @minskat30 thank you! Ha ha I probably should have clarified but I feel very whiney internally today.  I've kept it off of here :-)


  • @jenjen047 That's all totally valid and I think that's all anyone was asking for yesterday other than "I think her voice is annoying". Thank you. I have lots of counter feelings but we don't need to get into it here. :)

  • I have a grievance with @minskat30 for having unreasonably beautiful hair.

  • @Peaseblossom55 - Well, don't hold back on any of our accounts.  If you need to whine, you deserve to whine.  I'm a good sounding board anytime you need one too.  Just wanted to say I was thinking of you guys last night and praying for you all as well.  
  • @labro - I never said it was her voice. People jumped to that conclusion when I said "every time she talks it's like nails on a chalkboard to me". ;)
  • TwoDimes said:
    labro said:

    @eilis1228 You disappeared but you were loving stuff for awhile and commenting in anywhere BUT the daily thread. It really bugs me that you got all butt hurt over what @Swazzle said and you haven't come back to be an adult about it. Unless you've disappeared for other reasons, in which I hope everything is ok and you are doing alright.

    @TwoDimes I still don't have a Christmas card with Indy's face on it!!! What is the issue here???

    1) I think I was more harsh than @swazzle, so I could be to blame here. Also, seconded that I hope @eilis1228 is okay. I want to hear Zoey stories!!

    2) HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR MAIL?! I DID send you a Christmas card with Indy's face on it!!! 
    I think there were multiple topics that got raised and subsequently ignored after they were addressed (ie. dog training & weight loss/health.) 

    Regardless, the ghosting is REALLY annoying. 

    Same with @QueenOfGlitz - I stood up for her in MULTIPLE places after she was accused of being an AE, and she just left us high & dry. ::peace emoji:: 


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