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Any PA students out there?

I am recently engaged and currently in a dual degree program finishing up my public health degree before beginning PA school in July. My winter break and small window between public health and PA orientation are already taken up with friends' weddings and we are lost when the best time to get married would be. Please help! 
Our ideal wedding would be in our hometown, but we currently attend school and work in a different state. 
Has anyone planned an out of state wedding while in their didactic year of PA school? We would have to be married spring break in NC or on a long weekend between didactic and clinical. 
We could also wait until after graduation but would mean planning during clinicals.
I am so lost and would love any insight. Thank you!!


  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    I am in school to be an NP, but the same rules apply.  So, you don't start PA school until July?  I think your best bet would be to get the majority of planning done for spring break next year during this time (set aside a few hours every week specifically for planning, and be religious about it).  What does your FI do?  You are going to be incredibly busy, and they should be helping you plan and research anyways.  It's not going to be easy.  If it makes you feel any better, my friend in school is planning a wedding for spring break of this year, and she is able to get it done in spurts.  The big things you can get done during this spring break (venue, catering, DJ, etc).  That's really the most stressful part.  

  • I'm not in PA school yet, but I've applied.  If I get in the first time (big IF) then I would be starting in September 2016.  We were engaged while I was getting my pre-reqs in order and I've been nervous about it ever since.  My fiance keeps saying it will all work out, which I'm sure is true, but the thoughts of money for a wedding while we are down to one income AND PA school is legitimately scary stuff!

    We had to just plan it.  We set the wedding for a weekend. My program does not do classes on Friday (again assuming they want me) so that would help. The only part I don't like is it will end up being a week or two before midterms.  If I get in this year it will be during clinicals and if I get in next year it will be during course work.

    We decided we would have to postpone a honeymoon.  We plan on setting the honeymoon for Christmas if I'm in school because we will both have a large amount of time off.  My fiance works in automotive so he gets about 2 full weeks for plan shut downs.  Maybe doing it over the holiday season is a good idea for you?

    I'm actually really glad you posted this.  When are you looking at getting married?  Maybe we can keep in touch while this all goes down!
  • FYI - we were engaged May 2015 and won't be getting married until October 2017 for a variety of reasons. It's a long time but I'm finding the planning to be less stressful right now because I can book the big things and move slowly on everything else.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    I am NEY, but BF and I have talked about it and set a timeline for marriage sometime in 2017.  No active planning though.  To be honest, after being a BM in several weddings throughout my pre-reqs and pre-licensure portion I'm thinking of eloping, or having a very small family/best friends only wedding that can be planned with a minimum of effort.  

    I understand how you must be feeling right now.  When I applied for my program, I had no idea if I would get in or not, and that's a hard place to be in, especially when you feel like so much of life hangs on the balance.  Since your program doesn't start until September (hopefully!), that gives you a good amount of time to plan, save, and do any DIY projects (because Lord knows you won't be doing them in school, ha).  Postponing the honeymoon is for the best too, since the last thing you want to do is stress about getting back in time from a short weekend get away when you have a test in each class just about every week.  Studying is sexy, but studying on a honeymoon is not nearly as much fun.  

    I promise time will fly by faster than you could have ever anticipated when you start your program.  I'm sending you good vibes!  When do you hear back about acceptance?  And feel free to message me about planning, even though I'm not engaged.  I've had a lot of experience helping friends plan their weddings and would be happy to offer you any advice from what I've learned.   

  • Well thank you!  Interviews, if I get one, will be in March.  The application cycle for my school doesn't close until this Friday, so even though I sent in my application in October, I don't hear anything sooner.  They don't do rolling admission but they do review the applications as they are sent in.  

    I'm hopeful with my background in MH and SA treatment that I'm unique enough to be appealing.  I know one other person with this background in this application cycle but I've been in the field much longer with more/better experience.  So I think that bodes well.

    Wedding wise it's kind of back burnered. I'm with you. I'd love a small wedding but my fiance clearly is not all about it. He says it's so I "don't regret not having a wedding" but really he likes the big party thing!  

    I didn't even know there was a students board here for a while! I'll be happy to have this if I get in this year!
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    This board is kind of dead, but feel free to venture over to Chit Chat and some of the other, more active boards!  Even if you're not actively planning they're fun to hang around, and Chit Chat is basically all non-wedding related threads.  Searching past threads can also be really helpful for questions.  I got on the knot because I was a BM in a friend's wedding, and I needed some advice.  I stuck around because the community is a lot of fun to be a part of, and I like that the advice is straight forward and honest.  

    Good luck! I'm wishing the best for you!  

  • I'm sure you won't see it but THANK YOU!
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