Changing your name?

HI ladies! Does anyone know if you need a certified marriage license in order to change your name with social security or can I just use the top half of what I keep? Thanks!
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Re: Changing your name?

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    I was able to use just the part that we had.  It was really a simple/fast thing!
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    I was required to have the official stamp on mine when I went to SS. And for the new driver's license as well. But I received my license right after our honeymoon, so it didn't take very long.
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    I didn't even try until we got the certified copy. We also had it when we got home from our mini-moon, so it was not a big deal at all. You also need to wait 48 hours between going to SS and then to the MVD to process the name change.
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    thanks! That's fast so did you mail in the bottom half of the license and they just mailed you the certified copy? I thought it would take weeks to get the certified copy!
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    I was told by both our officiant and the lady at the court when we applied for our license that you do have to have a certified copy.  This is also from the SS website regarding name changes for marriage:

    "We can only accept an original or certified copy of a marriage or divorce document."

    Here is the link if you need any more information (LINK)
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