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Please critique my idea for a gift for BMs

Hi all!

I am having a beach wedding this May and was thinking that a cute gift to give my BMs could be a personalized beach/pool towel in their favorite colors/patterns. 

How would you all feel if you were given that as a gift? Is to too "random"? I figured it was something that could definitely be used in the future and was cute that matched our theme. I didn't want to do matching shirts/robes that would never be worn again. (Plus i know that anything "required" cannot be considered a gift anyway).

Critiques or other suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks! :) 

Re: Please critique my idea for a gift for BMs

  • I like the idea of a beach towel! It is practical and I would definitely use something like that again, and it would be a subtle way to tie in the fun of the wedding without it being too on the nose. I think the key is when you "personalize it", just make sure you stick to simple things, like their favorite color, or at most adding their names somewhere. I have received gifts that have the wedding date or the newly-weds names put on them, and  while I love my friends and of course support their marriage, I'm personally always less inclined to use things with that info because it seems a bit, well, weird (like I'm advertising their wedding). My personal feeling is that gifts for BMs and GMs should be about them, not about you and the groom. 

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  • People around here will tell you to shop for each bridesmaid individually, as if it was their birthday, rather than getting the same gift for everyone. Good call on not doing matching shirts/robes though. 

    Personally I would like a cute beach towel, but if your BMs don't live in warm climates it might not be something they'll use very often. Also, if I was flying into a wedding, a beach towel would be a struggle to shove into my suitcase to bring home (my suitcase would probably be stuffed to the max already!). Just something to consider if your BMs are from OOT. 

  • If it's good quality I'd love it.
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    Do they all go to the beach or pool regularly? One of my bridesmaids would love this, and the other would have no use for it.
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  • I agree with PPs, if it is something that your BMs do regularly and is good quality it sounds like a nice gift. If your BMs wouldn't use it it sounds like a gift you bought them just to stick with a theme. 
  • kittykyat said:
    Thank you for all of your responses! Both BM's have outdoor pools at their homes and swim frequently in the summer! :)

    I definitely won't use our names or wedding date. I was thinking either their first initials or their monograms. No wedding colors either, just their favorite colors. 

    Thank you again! 
    In that case, I think this is a great idea.  I'd love a really nice, big beach towel.  If it were me, I'd probably want my first or last initial or my monogram on it as opposed to my full first name.  

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    I would be cool with a good quality, nice beach towel. I do find it odd when I go swimming somewhere to bring one of my bath towels! But that's what I have.

    DH however, dislikes swimming and rarely does it. He would not like a beach towel. 

    But since you say your BMs have pools and do regularly swim, I think this is a good idea.

    As for personalizing, I would do monogrammed initials, not their full name. 

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