Cheap Wedding Venue in or near Atlanta

I am looking for a nice venue that holds any where between 100-150 people that allows you to cater your own food. Does any one know of a place that exist? 

Thanks in advance

Re: Cheap Wedding Venue in or near Atlanta

  • I only know of places ITP since that is where we looked. Mary Gay House might be a bit small for you unless you expand outside. Decatur History Center and Rhodes Hall both have preferred caterer lists. They both do BYOB. Avondale Lake house is very cheap.
  • There are a few in Atlanta, but it depends on what you mean by "cheap" :). There is the Trolly Barn in Inman Park, Paris on Ponce (Le Maison Rouge), and the Solarium in Decatur. The Solarium would definitely be the cheapest. I know Paris on Ponce has a list of preferred vendors, but you can bring in whoever you want even if they're not on the list for a small fee. I had friends get married at the Solarium in September, at that time they didn't have any caterer requirements. 
  • Try Berkeley Hills County Club in Duluth they are currently running a special for $6500 with food and 1.5 hour of beer and wine for 100 check with Angela the coordinator on rate for 150
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