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Holiday Weekend Wedding- Good or Bad?


Re: Holiday Weekend Wedding- Good or Bad?

  • You'll get mixed results. If it's cool with your VIPs,  you can certainly do it, but be prepared to accept declines - even potentially from closer friends and family.

    For example, my bro absolutely cannot take the Friday off after Thanksgiving. No one in his company can - it's company policy. So he'd be SOL and have to miss the wedding even if it was less than 10 minutes from where he lives. It's just part of the territory.

    In general, I'm not a fan of weddings on Holidays because it tends to be more inconvenient all around
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    Hi all,
    My fiance and I are considering having our wedding the Friday after Thanksgiving, not only to cut down on costs, but also we thought it would be nice that most people would have the extra time off of work. However I've heard some backlash over this from different people, so I wanted to ask the opinion of other brides. I know people want to be with their families on holidays, which I definitely respect, so I'm somewhat torn as well....
    So, internet, any opinions? Thanks in advance.
    There is really great advice in this thread. 
    I'd just like to say, not only to OP but generally, this: If you saving money results in guests spending more money, money is not saved, and the plan is not good. 

    I could have had my wedding the same weekend as the Chicago Marathon and saved a lot of money on my downtown venue. But hotel costs and general logistics would have been insane for guests, so we didn't do it. 

  • Nearly every person I know has long-standing Thanksgiving traditions for the whole weekend.  Friends who are married or in relationships generally go to both sides of the family (for instance one side on Thursday, the other side for leftovers on Friday) or they like doing the Black Friday thing or given the prevalence of divorce and split families there are some who spend the whole weekend traveling to more than two sides of the family.  And then you have people who just want to enjoy their holiday without any additional obligations. 

    Are any of the people you are getting pushback from your friends and family?  Because it doesn't matter what other brides say - we're not the ones attending your wedding. 

    And finally, you have to keep in mind, not everyone gets that Friday off(healthcare professionals, retail workers, military and law enforcement, federal employees, possibly state employees depending on the state, call center and help-line workers, etc.).  It is not actually a holiday and there are some employers who don't give that day off.  The only reason I get it off is because there is a federal holiday they don't give us off and they give us the Friday after Thanksgiving in lieu of that.  However, I would estimate about half of my family don't automatically get that day off.
  • I don't like the idea of a wedding near a major holiday (such as Thanksgiving) because people have so much to do, and often have a lot of stress associated with it. Whether traveling or staying local, people are often exhausted and fed up with socializing after the holiday--I know I am. I would not look forward to a Friday-after-Thanksgiving wedding, even though I don't have Thanksgiving travel at all. 

    Personally, I'm also not a fan of weddings on any long weekends. If it's local, that means that I can't plan any kind of trip on the long weekend--I'm have to stay home and bum around, even if I otherwise could have gone away. If it's not local, it's nice not having to take extra time off from work, but travel is usually more expensive and/or more traffic.
  • The only way I could see this working would be if your guests are mostly local, or if most of them already travel to your location for the holiday.  This is really a know your crowd thing.

    I'd also point out that your venues more than likely will not allow you to do a rehearsal the day before the wedding, so if you do have one (it's not required), the WP/VIP's may need to travel earlier.
  • APDSS22APDSS22 O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A is OK member
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    I would assume your venue would charge more for the day after Thanksgiving because they would probably have to pay someone to come in Thanksgiving to make sure the building was clean, things were stocked, etc.

    Also, I've never had the day after Thanksgiving off. This year, I had to work Thanksgiving since we had a client that needed us to be open. I got paid a LOT of overtime, but I still had to work.  I would check with VIPs and really consider not doing it anyway.

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