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how to personalize ceremony?

I so wanted us to write our own vows but FH is dead set against it so I am trying to respect him by not forcing the issue. That being said I want to add something personal to our ceremony without him being uncomfortable speaking in front of everyone.

Re: how to personalize ceremony?

  • Your wedding ceremony is already personalized.  It will marry the two of you, using your names.
  • If personalized vows are something your officiant will allow, why not have them worded so the officiant speaks everything and the two of you only have to say "I do." Remember when writing them that vows are promises, not a love letter or a story about your relationship.
  • Include a reading that is meaningful to the both of you.

    Our officiant let us choose the wording for our ceremony. He gave us a booklet of various wording selections for each part of the ceremony, but also told us we were free to choose whatever we wanted and add or subtract from there. Much of it I found elsewhere. 
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