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Dispensation from the Catholic Church

Wondering if it is difficult to get a dispensation from the bishop (i am a non baptized Christian and FI is Catholic) if we are getting married in a church near our venue that is not our parish.

Re: Dispensation from the Catholic Church

  • Hello! I am in the same situation in reverse... My fiancé is a non-baptized Christian and I am Catholic. My parish priest is helping us get all the paperwork together. Usually you will have to meet with your fiancée parish priest and do all the nessesary paperwork & pre-marrige classes ( divided into 2 or 4 evenings ). He will then assist you in sending over to the church you wish to have your ceremony in. It helps to try to meet up with the priest in the church you would like to marry and give him a heads up. I have started the proccess so I'm not 100% sure how it all goes together yet. My fiancée and I have another meeting with my parish priest in which he (priest) and I will fill out and send the dispensation form. Hope this helps! Good luck :-)
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