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Disaster Wedding

Since we have been engaged (August 2015)- all of the wedding planning has been so stressful- we have constantly had things go awry. The bridal party has not been very supportive and have made a few things difficult for us. the guest list has gotten out of hand and yesterday I got a phone call from the church (which is also the church my parents got married in) and they are planning on starting construction in September (6 month plans have been drawn up) so a wedding at the church we have already booked and paid deposit may not be possible now.

I partially feel like God is trying to tell us to change things up. I am half tempted to make the ceremony an intimate moment between FI, pastor and our parents and then just have a giant reception afterwards (the reception we have originally planned)

I just don't want to regret the big ceremony part of things though....

Thoughts? Advice?

Re: Disaster Wedding

  • It sucks that things are not working out as you were hoping. However, the reception is to thank your guest for coming to the ceremony and witness you making the commitment to each other.

    Is there a place at the reception venue where you could have the ceremony? Personally I really like everything being in one place, as a guest. Maybe some other fabulous place that is near the reception that is not a church. 

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