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Wedding Planning Book???

Hey All, I'm not sure where to post this as this is not about a specific wedding element, but I figured I'd try here. I got engaged in October, just had the engagement party before Valentine's Day, and am getting married October 2017. I have been using the online tools from The Knot, and Excel is my new best friend. I do like writing things down though, and I think it makes me feel more on top of things. That being said, has any one used a wedding planning book and do you have any recommendations. Right now, I think I'm between the book from The Knot (http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Wedding-Planner-Organizer-binder/dp/0770433367/ref=zg_bs_5427_1) and Mindy Weiss's Wedding Planner and Organzier (http://www.amazon.com/Wedding-Planner-Organizer-Mindy-Weiss/dp/0761165975/ref=zg_bs_5427_3).

Has any one used one of these? What did you think? Is there another one that's worth looking at? (I think I'll be buying this from Amazon, so I won't be in a physical store where I can view the book before I buy.)


Re: Wedding Planning Book???

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  • Noted ... any info on a book though?
  • On the other thread you posted
  • Thanks! Sorry, brand new to the board. Still trying to find my bearings.
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    A bridesmaid gave me a beautiful wedding planner book, it's soft blue and filled with information. It sits on the coffee table...and it's my favorite coaster, the most expensive one I own too....  :)

    In all seriousness, I don't use the book at all. A plain ruled 99 cent notebook from Walmart has been my planner all along, while the pretty book just gets soda pop rings on it.

    And welcome! I'm glad to see another 'Newbie' on here! :)
    scrunchythief[Deleted User]
  • I'd ditto Knottie#s, especially since you posted this on the budget board.  If you're already organized and are using the premade checklists from the knot, then I wouldn't bother paying for another organized checklist.  Maybe you could print one of your excel sheets out?

    And @Knottie1446384818 I'd suggest changing your screen name if you're sticking around.  It makes it easier for people to get to know you:)
  • I have a planner I started using for websites and stuff, I regret writing in it cause now I never ever use it. Really nothing in it is helpful as I'm not having a big blowout wedding

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