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Suit Fabric?

Hey there,

does anyone recommend a fabric for men's suits?

My friend ordered wool off this site: and was very pleased with the results.

My impression is that linen is lighter-weight, and possibly better suited to beach weddings.

Is wool the "traditional" way to go? Is there a fabric that's better quality than the others?

Re: Suit Fabric?

  • I think it really depends on where you are having the wedding and what time of year. Suits can be made out of almost any fabric, but there are more traditional choices depending on formality and weather. I would recommend going to a men's store to look at what is available. Are you making the suit yourself?
  • No; the company from the website I posted tailor makes suits, and you get to choose the fabric. I'll do some research what would be best for our climate and season :)
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    Yes, linen is best for summer and wool for winter.

    Wool is a pretty traditional suit fabric, and if the tailor is of high quality, should give you a fabric weight. Even in wool you can get a range of weights made to suit the climate. Wool is still heavier than linen. Even though I know you wouldn't buy it, check out some true suit tailors in the UK and see what fabrics they use.

    Cotton would be in the middle of there.

    I would stay away from Polyester, unless that is what your budget allows.

    DH bought his suit from Eph Apparel. Also an online made to measure tailor.
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