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I am having a summer wedding, ceremony is outdoors in the garden, and reception is indoors.  I want to incorporate summer as much as possible and was thinking about ordering these wild flower seeds in packets, with a poem and photo on them. My family thinks it's tacky, but I think it's cute.....I need some feedback..HELP! :blush: 


  • Generally the best favor is edible. I would think seeds are a cute idea, but I know my FI would hate them. I love flowers, but I have a bag of bulbs in my freezer I was supposed to plant last year. I tend to forget about them. You could do a "Let Love Grow" or "Let Love Bloom", but I would skip the poem and picture.

    Also be prepared for people not to take them, as they aren't for everybody. Also some people love to garden, but HATE wildflowers. They pay a lot of money to maintain a beautiful garden, and wildflowers can strangle other plants.

    If its something you really want to do, go for it, but maybe don't do as many and do an edible favor with them ? Like a sugar cookie flower with bright frosting ? 

    Hope that helps!

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