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No DJ advice

So we are not having a DJ. My mom says we still need to hire someone to make announcements... and man the ipod during things like the ceremony. Is it really necessary or does anyone think it possible  to do it without hiring someone 

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  • It may be possible, but I do personally agree with your mom. We also don't have a DJ, and I was planning to hire somebody. My brother and his friend, however, who have played a few live music shows and both own and know about setting up sound equipment, are being very generous and told me they've got it covered and will keep track of our playlist and make announcements as needed. I plan on gifting them with free hotel rooms and personal gifts in thanks. 

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  • We are having a very small ceremony/reception and won't have a DJ. I'm hiring a musician for the ceremony and then our catering staff said they would push play/stop on the iPod for the music during dinner. We aren't having a dance so probably less of an issue for us. I'm also not fussed if the music doesn't play, wrong playlist is selected ... all the issues that would come along with using an iPod.
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    I am not having a DJ or an announcer. I don't really understand what there is to announce? Also not planning to have dancing. Just background music if people want it.

    eta: OKay I lied...not just background music. I also want to buy a karaoke machine to play with instead of dancing. I have the voice of a thousand cats in heat but I friggin love me some karaoke.
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  • If you are simply having a ceremony, and then casual cocktail/dinner party "maybe someone will break into dance" party - you can just let you playlists fly, and go with the flow.  However, if you are having ANY activities or "formalities" (Introductions/toasts/1st dance or special dances, etc...) SOMEONE has to keep track and make things happen and also let the guests know what's going on.  That can be the host (you/spouse/parent), or delegated host-on-your-behalf (Best Man, Maid of Honor, special friend or relative) or hired host-on-your-behalf (DJ or MC or wedding planner).  So, your mom seems to be suggesting the hire someone to do this and make things happen ... and it is more than just pushing the music button on the IPOD for the ceremony.  But, it's your call to make sure your wedding/ceremony and reception feel the way you want them to!  

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