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Wedding 3 weeks from today!

I'm freaking out. Is this normal? We've been engaged for 4 years. And the stress is very serious at this point. lol I can't even imagine planning a huge wedding. Anybody else getting married soon?

Re: Wedding 3 weeks from today!

  • Mine is in 15 days, I'm not at all stressed but could be because it's a secret so don't have to worry about people talking about it all the time :) I'm more worried about packing my case than the wedding side of things lol x 
  • lol You're lucky then. I'm very stressed. lol
  • We're still several months out, but have also had a long engagement (it'll be almost 4 years come our ceremony in October). Right now the panic is on things not related to the wedding, but the honeymoon. Weird.
  • We've also been engaged for four years. We haven't been planning that long just engaged that long. Now here we are 17 days away. Crazy. lol
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