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Jamaica Tips/Ideas

We are booked for Sandals Montego Bay for the first/second week of October (I know this is hurricane season). I was wondering if anyone has any tips of what to bring/what not to bring, as well as ideas of excursions?

I've been told to bring lots of sunscreen and bug spray (obviously), but is there anything anyone packed and ended up not using, or didn't pack and wished they had?

We are going to be there for just under 2 weeks-we have family and friends joining for a few days in the middle. We are planning on doing the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour, as well as checking out Dunn's River Falls, zip lining, and swimming with the dolphins, but I wasn't sure if there was anything else anyone thinks is a "MUST" while in Jamaica.

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Re: Jamaica Tips/Ideas

  • Here now.

    Bring lots of suntan lotion. I had 1 full tube, 1/2 tube and three cans of spray in for six nights. We currently have 1/2 tube and 1 can left and we leave tomorrow. We did not bring bug spray and haven't been bitten once (they fog twice daily).

    Unless you are butler, be prepared to be up at six a.m. to get any type of seats in the shade( other seats available until 8-10 am). All palapas are gone as butler and regular guests are reserving them the night before (against sandals policy btw, but it's not being enforced).this is the worst that I have ever seen the towel game out of all 6 Sandals we have been to. Beach seating is smallish (three rows of chairs scrunched together). This is fine if you are a social person (this resort is pretty social) but we are not. We prefer separation on the beach and just us time. Tip: if you want more separation on the beach go all the way down toward the butler village under the tree,near the chess board. It's all sun in the afternoon but it's quite.

    If you want dinner reservations at Cucina
    Ramano or Oleander make them right away (must dress up for Oleander).

    we didn't do any excursions this trip as we've been to Jamaica several times. Previously we have done: dune buggies, horseback ride and swim, , margaritaville, ricks, south coast River, rum and falls and pelican bar. All were good. 

    Do do not get me wrong, resort is fine, service is great and friendly,food is ok and the water is beautiful. Would we come back to this resort...eh..maybe if it was for a short 4 night trip but for our 6 night trips we will stick with Sandals Whitehouse. We've been twice and already booked for next year as we love it and it fits our personality style.

    Just remember,all vacations are what you make of them. Have several drinks and have fun.

    Btw, we are in the almonds building in the veranda room on the third floor. Amazing view. These rooms are scheduled to be renovate this spring.

    please feel free to ask any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer. 

  • We just got back yesterday. I haven't done a review yet but pics can be found here:
  • Thank you so much!!! The sunscreen tip is very helpful. I hadn't even thought of some of those excursions so I will have to check them out!! And I will scroll through your pictures now! :)
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  • Review is up on the website too. Probably a lot of spelling and punctuation mistakes as I'm still trying to get back into the groove of being home and didn't proof read. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 
  • Bring small bills and lots of them... you don't want to barter with people to a sell a $15 dollar thing for $10 and then hand them a $20.

    I've never been in October but in both early March and late June it was MUGGY. So cute printed pants that I would normally wear with a cute tank in hot humid summer weather here I didn't touch. Same thing with tight dresses. I basically lived in loose dresses and my bathing suit the whole time.

    Since you will be there 2 weeks have you considered checking out Negril for one day? It is about an hour away but many resorts (not sure about sandals) will let you try other locations if you'd like. Both times we went to to negril we did the bob marley bar crawl (has nothing to do with bob marley) and it was a blast! You go to a mixture of bars from drinks and conch fritters at the justice of the peace home, to some other local spots (all during the day, all safe, just a couple kids selling bracelets) and ending at the most gorgeous places you've ever seen to mai tais in caves where they have filmed pirates of the Caribbean.

  • That sounds AWESOME!! I will definitely look into that! Thank you! :)
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