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Budget wedding location help

My fiance and I are paying for our entire wedding ourselves so unfortunately that means a strict budget. Which i don't mind, but we're having a hard time finding a ceremony and reception location! This is the part that will cost us the most, but I'm hoping we can find something inexpensive. We've even looked into renting a nice backyard but no luck yet. I would really appreciate any tips.

Re: Budget wedding location help

  • what's your budget? We cannot possibly assist with affordable locations if we don't know your definition of "affordable"

  • I have the same dilemma,  our budget is $2000 for ceremony and reception for 80 guests.  We've wanted something as simple as street tacos and yard games for a rustic back yard feel to it.  I've tried contact private homeowners in the desert of Palm Springs with land and they start at $3500.  :-/  Can anyone help?
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