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Looking for ceremony location under a tree

We're looking for a ceremony only location under a tree (willow? life oak?) - what's tough is locating an area with parking and restrooms that isn't in the middle of no where (elderly walking long distances is undesirable).  Of course there are Metroparks everywhere, however their suggestion was "drive around and see what you can find".  Just thought I would post here and see if anyone found something similar.  Thanks for your input!

Re: Looking for ceremony location under a tree

  • Holden Arboretium in Kirtland. They have a large willow tree that is right next to a pond. Not sure if they allow chairs to be set up that area or not. But if not, they probably have a lot of other areas on their property that they could recommend. They have plenty of parking & probably for an extra cost can provide shuttle service from the parking lot to the ceremony location. What is nice is that if the weather turns bad, they have buildings that you could move to for the ceremony. Because you know how northeast ohio is, you have to have a indoor backup if you plan for an outdoor wedding. And the space they have in the buildings would allow for you to have a reception on site too (you just have to use a caterer from their approved list). By having both the ceremony & reception on the same site, you'll save money on limo, and photography because you don't have to pay for time to get to a different location & that location is awesome for all your picture needs so no need to drive around, cutting down on how many hours you need your photographer for. Not sure of prices, I know they aren't cheap, but it is beautiful.
  • Whitehall Columbia in Columbia station! $900 they have a 200 year old oak tree In a fenced in green space!
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