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Wedding Date Conundrum

So I have a wedding date conundrum. I have two different Holy Days to take into account when planning my wedding on my side of the guest list (my fiancé doesn't have many religious guests, thankfully). Part of my guest list observes the Sabbath as sundown Friday to sundown Saturday (Seventh-Day Adventist) while the other part observes Sunday. And of those that observe Sunday, a good portion work at a church that has services both Saturday night and Sunday morning. Everywhere I look is a land mine. The good portion is that most of the Saturday people live in my city while the Sunday people live in different city, thus Sunday afternoon is an option if the Sunday people can leave after Saturday service and skip the Sunday services. The Sunday people also get Monday off, so even a Sunday afternoon/evening wedding COULD work, theoretically if my fiancé's half of the guest list doesn't complicate things any more.... 
Any advice if my plan falls through?

Re: Wedding Date Conundrum

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  • I personally hate weddings that fall on observed holiday weekends (i.e. long weekends) but perhaps for your crowd ... a holiday Monday brunch or holiday Monday afternoon cake and punch reception would work. Won't conflict with any religious group.

    I agree with PPs that you need to look to your VIPs as those would be the most important to invite and find out a bit more about those that observe Sunday as a religious time.

  • All of the advice here is sound. It sounds like Sunday is your best bet. You can't please everyone.

    If you find yourself getting too stressed over this, remember: you get ONE wedding day. ONE. You are only asking for your attendees to work ONE weekend/day out of the whole year around your schedule. I am sure your family and close friends will understand your situation, even if it means they need to break routine for a weekend. They will understand that you're trying your best to find a day/time that works for everyone. And if they don't, gently explain your situation.

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