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Is a fit and flare dress really meant to be that tight and restricting?

I recently went to try on dresses and fell in love with a fit and flare dress, however it felt extremely tight around my legs and therefore making the dress uncomfortable and it would be very hard to dance in! The sample dress I tried on was also way too small, so I know that I would definitely be ordering a couple sizes up, but will ordering up make the dress more comfortable, or are all fit and flare dresses meant to be super tight around the thighs so that it is hard to move comfortably? During alterations, can I make the dress less tight, or again are fit and flare dresses not meant to be altered to be more sheath fitting? Thanks in advance!

Re: Is a fit and flare dress really meant to be that tight and restricting?

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    No, a fit and flare should not be tight in the thighs. Either this dress was just too small, or you actually tried on a trumpet style?

    A fit and flare is only supposed to be tight down to the hips, then flare from there. I had one and it was pretty comfortable to wear. Makes you sit up tall (you know, properly ;) ), you can't slouch in it. Though that was more the corset bra than the dress itself.

    A trumpet or mermaid style dress stays tight around the thighs and then flare out at the knee or calf/ankle.

    If you haven't ordered the dress yet, I would go back to the store and ask to try on any fit and flare dress that is your size, just so you can see how the fit and flare style works for your body.
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  • that sounds more like a mermaid not a fit and flare. I'd definitely try on some more dresses or at least try on that dress in your size if you can find another location that has it.
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    I had a fit and flare, and it wasn't tight like that. Either that dress wasn't a true fit and flare, or it was too small.

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    My daughter's fit and flare dress was tight across the thighs. It was let out during alterations and was fine.
  • I have a mermaid style dress and it was definitely harder to walk in the sample size, but once I ordered 1 size up I had zero issues moving in it. 

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