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Non guest pools?

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As far as people are aware is there any hotels in Vegas that allow non-guests to use their pools for a fee?

We have looked into hiring a cabana but it is not suitable for our group size.

Thanks in advance 

Re: Non guest pools?

  • It depends on how busy the pools are. Sometimes if there's too many hotel guests, they'll turn you away (happened to us at Golden Nugget). Non-guest fees tend to range anywhere from $10-$30 a person.
  • Palms is pretty well known for hosting pool parties that attract locals (for a cover charge).  Caesars will let people in for a fee most of the time too.

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  • It really depends on the casino. A cabana would help secure it, although it is expensive. Worth asking it it is the daily rate or minimum, you can negotiate. That can save you atleast a few hundred. Short of that, ask the pool host but most don't do it. You used to be able to save old hotel cards and flash them to get in but now they scan them to be sure you are a guest
  • We stayed at Aria for our wedding and half of our guests didn't I just brought them with cards ( I told the front desk I lost my card and got an additional one) All though one was deactivated you only flash it to get into the pools and most rooms will allow up to 4 adults. Between 4 cards we brought in 10 additional non hotel guest and weren't questioned. 

    If you want to go a hotel no one is registered at, I would look at one that has a pool party - ie wet republic, liquid lounge, tao beach etc. We got offered a deal for a certain head count. We still had a cover but it was 50% off. Just be mindful, drinks are really expensive ($18+, arias were $22)  and you can't bring your own stuff in. So way out your options on a cabana and bottle service (2.6 bottle might be cheaper than the price of drinks).  
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  • At the cosmopolitan, if you join their identity membership rewards thing, you can get into the pool even if  you aren't staying at the hotel. I think there may be restrictions on when you can go but you can get in for free. 

  • @kgales1 I am keeping that in mind about the Cosmo.
  • There are 2 pools at Cosmo. The Blvd pool which is the one located East towers and has the view of the strip and the Bamboo pool which is at the West towers which is at the back of the hotel and has views of Aria. 
  • Also the Marquee Pool
  • We plan on using the Caesars pool. We are staying there as our wedding is there. I called about the pool thing. One room key gets 4 non hotel staying guests into the pool. He even told me just get extra room keys. And then its $20 a person after that.
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