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We are getting married this December and still contemplating locations. We are traveling from Oregon and have family coming from several other states. We really would like it to be a fun time for everyone and a big party for us. We aren't wanting to spend a lot on a venue/wedding package but also don't want something cheesy. :) A wedding package without catering is what we're looking at. What are your favorites? 


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  • I think a little more information may help people give you better advice.  How many people total? What sort of features are you looking for? Any places you are currently leaning towards? What do you like about those places?

    Vegas is a place where you can find options at $150-$15000 for a ceremony venue. Hotel rooms range from like $28 to several thousand per night (and probably even tens of thousands, not that I'd have much experience with those rooms!) Part of the charm is the wide variety of options :)

  • Honestly, I'm open to everything that is moderately priced. I can't get down there before the wedding so I just want to get a feel for what others have liked and disliked. If there are any that I should definitely consider or any I should stay away from would be super helpful! :)
  • How many people?

    What is your budget?

    Do you want an in-suite reception or a restaurant?

    Do you want a ceremony at a hotel or a chapel?

    What other activities are you looking at organizing?

    It's tough to help without a whole lot to go on. If you start with your budget and then do some research here, then I think you will get a better idea of what you are wanting/looking for.

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  • Completely open.

    Just interested to know what other's favorites have been, and if there's any locations that are particularly a no-go.

    I've done quite a bit of research on what the options are, I just hoped for some input as to what others are planning and what the top picks are.
    Thanks anyhow! 
  • I would suggest just trawling through the forum for a bit and reading the reviews on the venues you have been researching. That's what I did to start with. Then I saw certain vendors mentioned again & again and that gave me a good idea of the more popular vendors. Happy planning :)
  • We got married at chapel of the flowers last week and I couldn't recommend it more, perfect from start to finish! From there we just went to the mandarin bar for champagne and appetizers as it was just the two of us but it was nice and chilled as we didn't want a sit down meal xx
  • Thank you :) We are debating between there and Mon Bel Ami!
  • We had the outdoor gazebo at night so got some really gorgeous pictures. Their grounds are lovely :)
  • check out

    Silver Skyline (inside the linq)
  • A guest count would be really helpful. 

    We got married at Sienna Golf Course. If I didn't want a package I would've consider Valley of the fire or red rock canyon. On the strip, our top choices were Hyde, the Havanna room, and something else I can't think of... But it had strip views. 
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  • It all depends on what you want to do and what you would envision. is a great resource, since it pretty much summarizes everything on these boards.

    There's so many choices, so it comes down to a lot of different factors: What are your guests like? Age range? Vegas veterans or newbies? Drinkers? Art lovers? Tourists?

    Do you envision strip views or a wedding chapel? Elvis officiating? A rabbi? A sit-down dinner or cocktails? Pre-plated dinner or a buffet? Photos as part of your celebration (photo tour or photo booth?) None of the above?
  • I think we're going with Chapel of the Flowers. We just wanted to see what others top choices were and that seems to be a winner. Thanks for all the input. :)
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