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Quick question- gifts for Sacraments?


Re: Quick question- gifts for Sacraments?

  • Gifts I've gotten for sacraments (or seen given) are usually either something religious (cross necklace, children's bible, rosary beads, saint medal) or money (usually $25 or so, maybe more from grandparents and godparents, but the amount obviously depends on personal circumstances.) For my confirmation I got a Claddagh ring from my parents. For my first communion I went with my mom and picked out a nice set of rosary beads.
    Not to say you couldn't get something more like you would give for a birthday present.

    I god my godson a cross necklace when he was baptized. FI has one from his baptism that he wears everyday. When my little sister was confirmed I was her sponsor and I got her a dove necklace that she wears a lot.
  • Maybe a pretty frame for her first communion picture? First Communion was a big deal for my family. My mom had me do professional pictures before the event. Someone got me a nice frame and my picture from first communion is still in it at my parents house. :smile: 
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