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It's Thursday

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I'm tired, mildly hungover, and I want to eat all the things. 

H and I met for sushi, I got my eyebrows and mustache handled, and then had some vodka and orange dry while we watched Survivor. It's down to 5 people and H's BFF's exGF is still there! 

Today is GORGEOUS. I hate so much that I'm at work. 

Tonight we're going to make dinner on the grill and hopefully enjoy the weather! We also really need to start getting stuff together for this weekend's yard sale. 

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Re: It's Thursday

  • @Swazzle Can't believe she is still there! I haven't followed that show in years but it's so cool you "know" someone on there.

    I had a bad weigh in this morning but I kind of knew it was coming. I have been doing a ton of stress eating/snacking and I did it to myself. So today I am back on track and going to try to really focus on it again. 

    We decided to not get wrapped up in GoT and watch our other shows. I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tonight but I'm sure it will be much of the same. I can't wait until the weekend! I hope today flies by.
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    @LizzyTish88 - I'm sorry you had a bad weigh-in. Mine was yesterday and I was -0 which I counted as a win because I was really bad with eating and tracking last week. It's always easier to swallow a gain/no loss when you KNOW you didn't work as hard, at least. I hate those weeks where you track everything and stay within your points and have a bad weigh-in! 

    When I used to go to the meetings, my first leader guy would tell us to look at the last 4 weeks as a whole rather than focusing on just 1 week at a time. Because your body doesn't know it's weigh-in day and any number of things can affect the number on the scale. Those thoughts have always stuck with me! 

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  • Morning ladies. Another crazy day of work ahead, but I just can't quit you.

    I forgot to start the crockpot last night, so H and I ordered chinese. Mine was just men (bland chicken with celery and almonds), but there are leftovers so that's my lunch today.

    H is really into Black Sails, so we watched that for awhile and I fell asleep early. This morning I woke up at 4:30a. I had breakfast with a girlfriend who works in a different office, which was really lovely. I've been staying away from carbs, mostly, so the fruit'n'nut pancakes at IHOP were DELICIOUS. Now I want to take a nap, though. Ha.
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    @swazzleDo you go to the same sushi place each week or a new one? I also want baly to be outside right now.

    @lizzytish88 sorry about the weigh in, I still think you're doing amazing

    I just got to work 45 minutes late. Just feeling really crappy this morning so I turned around and went back home to take my temp. It's fine, so probably just dehydrated. I honestly don't know how I feel about the birthing class at this point. It was only night 1 out of 12 and I can't decide if I even want to do the rest or try and get a refund. Guess H & I will talk about it tonight.  



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    @keptinstitches Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!

    @minskat30 uuugh sorry she's not engaged yet but thank goodness your leg is fine!



  • @minskat30 I'm glad to hear all is well with you and Ani. Don't worry about not being dialated yet. That can seriously go from 0 to 60 within a day lol. Anything can happen though and like you said no matter what it's all about making sure you and Ani are safe and healthy and it sounds like she is doing SO GREAT! You're doing fabulous Mama! Kick your feet up and try to relax and pamper yourself! You deserve it!
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  • @jenna8984 I wouldn't write it off after the 1st night, try to go to a few more and if it's not something you're getting much from then no worries.
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    @southernpeach89 Yea true. Part of me is all: I want to be educated about everything so I don't feel railroaded into anything. But then part of me is all: does it really matter, the doctors know what they are doing and I should just sit back and let whatever happens happen. But anyways you sound like you have an awesome weekend ahead!



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  • @jenna8984 I think it's important to know about all the possibilities that are available to you prior to going into birth. I learned a lot about the pain management options at my birthing class that I didn't know about and the doctors definitely know what they're doing but they are focused on you and the baby so they might not always inform you of what's available for you to do or use during labor.

    I could give you a quick example, so going into labor and delivery they put me on pitocin which makes everything 10000x worse pain wise so I asked for a dose of fentanyl which is for pain but only lasts about 45 minutes which is nothing in the grand scheme of things but I learned about that in my birthing class so I was kind of grateful for what I learned that I could get during labor and what my options are. BUT you could also learn about all these things from books/internet/ it's totally up to you.
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  • Ugh I was just informed that the dinner my siblings and I are taking my mom out to for mother's day on Friday, will also be including my BIL's family....
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    @southerneapch89 @wink0erin Yea definitely. I feel like maybe I chose the wrong class for me. The main focus of this one is natural childbirth, half the people in class are planning to give birth at a "birthing center" and not an actual hospital. So I'm scared that they are not going to accurately cover things like fentanyl....since they "strive" for you to not have an epidural. I honestly didn't really realize that was the focus of the class when I enrolled- my friend signed up and recommended I take it with her so I just said sure thinking it was a normal hospital type class.

    Like one whole class is about nutrition and bodily changes and it's like uuum I'm 28 weeks I think I've figured that out by now. It just seems like in a 2 hour class, I walked away with 10 minutes of really useful new information. But we'll see, I still think there is a lot of good info to learn but just depends if I feel like sitting through all the other "fluff" to get to it. It was kind of expensive and I don't know if she gives refunds either.



  • @minskat30 - No alcohol, chocolate or soda.... I've done great with that, so I'm treating myself to ice cream this weekend with @tuarceatha! I'm glad they didn't find any clots!
    @keptinstitches - Happy birthday!
    @wink0erin - It's set around Nassau, Bahamas in the time of pirates. Long John Silver is in it (though he is just called John Silver), and so is Blackbeard. But it doesn't really revolve around those two, they are just ancillary characters.
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  • @jenna8984 Oh geez...yea if it's a specific class to natural child birth and that's not what you want then I wouldn't probably go either haha. Hopefully you can get your money back.
  • Hey everyone.  Quick check-in here. 

    We've been in and out of L&D since Tuesday afternoon.  Baby keeps trying to come early.  I'm at home on bed rest until we figure out if the meds we're trying now are enough to stop contractions from coming 2-4 minutes apart.  If this doesn't work, I think they said I'd be admitted for the remainder of the pregnancy... so wish me luck that this does the trick!  My OB went ahead and did the GBS swab and prepared us for the steroid shots, NICU, etc.  She's ot feeling too confident right now that we won't have a preemie, but we'll see.  Maybe baby is just being ornery.

    We tried the terbutaline + fluids.  That slowed them down for maybe 12 hours?  So now we're trying procardia, 2x a day.  Cross your fingers for us!

    I told H we should go buy some preemie clothes to jinx it... if we buy the preemie clothes, then she won't come early.  So we might do that this weekend!

    Happy birthday @KeptInStitches!!!

  • Morning ladies!

    @swazzle go eat all the things!

    @jenna8984 that sucks :( If you're that unhappy, find out about refunds. Is the 10mins of information at least useful? :\

    @minskat30 Ani needs to move into position >.> and yay no clot!

    @CocoBellaF baby needs to slow down! Hopefully everything goes well and you're not admitted :(

    So last night I ended up having a panic attack in the vet's office and had to sit in the car for a bit to calm down.
    Unfortunately, because Matt's family cat had liver failure the muscle relaxant caused him to seize up. When Matt came out said the cat was seizing up, idk why but it was a trigger to my anxiety. {which later, we think because I saw my dad having seizures so often that it could have been that} Luckily I had the car keys, so I went to sit.
    For reference, I didn't feel comfortable going into the room to be with the cat - I don't handle these things well, so I intended to sit in waiting room with resident vet cat.

    Afterwards we ended up going to dinner, so I have leftovers today.

    Since Matt's on a deadline, I think I'm doing solo groceries. He originally wasn't going to work late due to our bank appt but that had to be rescheduled to Friday so he's staying late.
  • OH!!! I heard a crazy thing on the radio today that made me think of TK!

    Short version -
    Bride asked wedding guest for more money after receiving 100£ from a guest because she felt it didn't reflect the warm wishes given.
    Uhm ... what?
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    @cocobellaf oh no! thinking of you and sending all the vibes!!!!!!



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    @CocoBellaF - I was wondering about you yesterday! Ohmygoodness you've had a busy couple of days. I hope Baby K stays put for a while longer! Every single thing is crossed and sending you guys all the vibes! Please keep us posted!!!

  • @cocobellaf - Oh no!  I've been thinking about you and just figured you were busy the last few days.  :(  Baby K - STAY PUT!!!  My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
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    @CocoBellaF Oh no! Sending you all the thoughts and prayers. <3
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  • @CocoBellaF lots and lots of T&P your way. And keeping fingers and toes crossed that the meds help.   I have some preemie clothes that I can send your way if you'd like.  Also, feel free to text or call me if you need any support.  My mom shares my brother's story all the time and he still visits the NICU in the hospital he was born at to help parents of preemies.  
  • Thanks, everyone.  I'm timing some contractions right now.  Trying to keep my mind off of it by surfing the web.
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