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Wedding 911

What did you say f*** it to in the last few weeks?

ScottishSarahScottishSarah member
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Okay so now I'm less than 12 weeks to go till the wedding and I got some really good advice on this forum recently.

The poster reccomended, when you have a list of things to do as long as your arm, and you're getting stressed, take that list and score off 3 things, then forget all about them!  Obviously not important stuff like sending your first dance song to the band, but silly things like handmade welcome packs or similar.

So last night I said 'screw this' to my hair trial as it was getting to complicated to organise.

Do any brides have anything they said 'f*** it' to in the final few weeks?  Any regrets?


Re: What did you say f*** it to in the last few weeks?

  • Cool, I said fuck it to favours a long time ago!  
  • bleve0821bleve0821 The Shire member
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    The cake.  Our vendor was impossible to work with, so I just said, "Here are the flavors we want, here are our wedding colors, make it work."

    Reception decor (throw some tulle over that shit, hot glue the rest).  Programs.  Jewelry.  Perfume.  Garter.  A photography shot list (I told my photographer to run with it).  Trying to find time to work out (that dream died no more than 3 months into the planning).  The arch (I ALMOST left the mistletoe on the arch that was provided by the venue...).

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  • I am *trying* to stay as stress free as I possibly can, and there are quite a lot of things I just don't really see as integral to the day so those are straight off the list!

    - Bridesmaids dresses (picking whatever they want individually)
    - favours 
    - decided to drop the flowers and just get some buttonholes and my flower crown made by a woman who does dried floral arrangements - saved a ton, done in advance.
    - Minimal decor in the venue, its a museum so its not really necessary anyway. - No "wedding" cake (there will be cake though, I'm not a monster).

    I'm sure nearer the time I'll be throwing loads more off the list too. Lets be real, who will notice or care if I have a program for a registry office wedding?
    Greenjinjo short+sassySwissMscowgirl8238
  • lnixon8lnixon8 member
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    programs, picking out "perfect" songs for father daughter/mother son song (literally texted all 3 and said if someone doesn't pick something we're not doing it, ended up happily with first 45 seconds of "stand by me"), I let my oyster guy do his thing  and stopped trying to get details or a contract out of him, stopped worrying about whether H's grandmothers would be doing pictures with us or not, stopped worrying about whether my cousin/bridesmaid would actually wear what I asked (didn't care about length, fabric, designer,just said coral but anything from burnt orange to light pink is fine) and she wanted to wear mauve.

    A few weeks before I had collected a ton of gorgeous naturally polished oyster shells while paddling boarding. I put them in a bag for my centerpieces (I also had oyster shells I got from a restaurant and spent way too much time scrubbing and cleaning). Morning of the wedding I go to spread them out and realize iItied the plastic bag shut and these gorgeous shells were COVERED in mold, so I guess I said f it to my oyster shells

  • I still have 6 months and can't think of anything we are leaving til last minute. Everything at this point is an extra we weren't planning on having anyways, like a photobooth or MUA, so if it doesn't happen NBD. Some early "fuck its" were favors, picking bridesmaids dresses, "bridal shoes", limos, and champagne toast. I do plan on DIYing our centerpieces with my sister, FSIL, and best girlfriend the day before but that is as much of a social gathering and excuse to drink mimosas as anything else.
  • We accidentally said "fuck it" to one of our cocktails... We were planning to have mint juleps - we had the booze, we listed it on the bar signs, but then somehow, we just... forgot. Right after the ceremony, one of the bartenders came to us to ask where the mint and simple syrup was for the mint juleps. Turns out I thought H was going to get them, but he thought I was. We just shrugged, said "oh well" and crossed them off the signs. (We had a number of other options for cocktails, so NBD.) 
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  • I said fuck it to the "memory tree" my mom really wanted with pictures of deceased family members.   Actually,  I told her that she could handle it if it was that big of a deal to her. 

    She said fuck it, too. 
    This is my tatic for most things. I am not planning a grand exit, if FH wants one, he can plan it. Lots of other things have been brought up by my sister or FMIL that I said, I am not doing it but you can if you want. And they were never mentioned again, lol.
  • Listening to other people's opinions.

    Seriously too many people trying to tell me what I "needed" for the wedding I just stopped listening. Also, ceremony music. We had a talented organist who had done tons of ceremonies that we just said, "classic, not too wedding-y" and it was great. 
  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216 member
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    edited May 2016
    - Bending over backwards to get FW's ex to like me so that she'll decide to bring future SD for the wedding.

    - Worrying about offending my brother and SIL by not having them in the wedding party. We may ask them to do readings, and I've already asked them to escort our Grandma down the aisle.

    - Worrying about what my youngest cousin (one of our BMs) is going to wear. As long as her hair's clean and she's showered, I'll be happy.
  • SP29SP29 member
    Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    There were a couple things my mom wanted- so I said fine, you pay for it, have at it!

    Decor. We had basic decor included with the venue- good enough for me! I also had wanted to print photos of some sort- something like DH and I at different ages that we'd use for table numbers, or a family photo table- too much work to find photos! Fuck it.

  • I said fuck it to a wedding party (figured that I would find it too stressful), a veil (just having a headband), cake (we are just having regular desserts that the restaurant makes every day), a big production with pictures (having a friend take a few shots which will be perfect), inviting extended family and dealing with my sister who can't understand our wish to have a very small and simple ceremony/reception.

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  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
    Moderator Knottie Warrior 5000 Comments 500 Love Its
    I tore my calf muscle 8 weeks out and was on crutches and then a walking boot until the week of the wedding. Right leg of course so I couldn't drive. Anything that wasn't done and required - like marriage licence and ceremony script, was cut. Lots of decor ideas, making my own bouquet, some favors, centerpieces were down graded substantially - I don't even remember what else bc I just put it out of my mind. It did not matter, we would be married regardless.
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  • spockforprezspockforprez Virginia member
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    I spent about 24 hours trying to figure out how to/who could play a song for me to walk into the ceremony with. Gave up the morning of when the craziness started. Didn't matter, I don't even remember my walk lol. 
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  • Favors (our venue provides cute little boxes of Italian cookies, FI said he wanted to add something like a personalized sticker. I was all like "Go for it, sweetie.") Also, having dancing and dancing music at the reception. Having things match the wedding colors. Arguing with my Mom when she decided that we should invite extended relatives (she got upset, explaining that our family is so small and it's important. No way am I arguing with a post-Holocaust family survival guilt trip.) Also, BM's hair and makeup (whatever they want to do it fine).
  • Perfectly addressed envelopes.  I had grand visions in my head, but at this point I will be content if there's no major etiquette faux pas (i.e. All SOs listed by name) and it's legible.  My handwriting is nice enough, but it's definitely a step down from what I had planned.
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  • cstar1015 said:
    I made this handy chart when I got married last year. I found it pretty accurate. 

    Love this!
  • I just got married on Saturday so my "f***/forget that" are fresh in my mind. 
    • A perfect arrangement for the centerpieces or bouquets. About a month out, I met with the florist to discuss specifics. I provided the votives and the florist provided the bud vases with flowers for the centerpieces, but she did the arranging and editing. Each one was different. She chose all of the flowers.  
    • My hair. I wasn't happy with my hair trial, but I wasn't sure what made more sense. The morning of, I told the woman I wanted something that wouldn't fall apart until halfway through the night but I trusted her professionalism and she could do what she thought would work. She came through and it came out great with my lack of specifics. 
    • The menu for the rehearsal dinner. FI/H picked it three days before with no input from me. 
    • The order of the music for dinner- who cares? Is anyone listening?
  • Love these all ladies!
  • Hope I'm not zombie this post, but we said fuck it to favours {we found out after buying them that we were having a candy bar included} and decorating the aisle. Arguably we tried, but night before had crazy winds so it got destroyed. We were lucky that venue fixed it up and made it 1000% better than what we had :)

    I also said fuck it to save the dates .... majority of people have fb so when we announced engagement we told people the date. 2 birds ....
  • Funny you should mention that @MissKittyDanger ; I just realized we haven't arranged anything for ceremony decorations.  Do you think we could just place our table centerpieces (vintage silver bowls with floral arrangements) along the sides of the aisle on the floor?  Perhaps with some rose petals on the ground as well?  

    I don't want it to look too bare, but at the same time I have enough to do!  

    Or I could see how the rsvps come in and see if I can add on a floral arch or similar without going any more over budget, or is that probably a waste of money?
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
    5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    Funny you should mention that @MissKittyDanger ; I just realized we haven't arranged anything for ceremony decorations.  Do you think we could just place our table centerpieces (vintage silver bowls with floral arrangements) along the sides of the aisle on the floor?  Perhaps with some rose petals on the ground as well?  

    I don't want it to look too bare, but at the same time I have enough to do!  

    Or I could see how the rsvps come in and see if I can add on a floral arch or similar without going any more over budget, or is that probably a waste of money?
    I think anything decorating the aisle itself is a nice to have, but unnecessary and even ... dangerous. I've seen stuff get knocked over by guests, by ring bearers and flower throwers, and by brides with their big dresses.
    A flower arch on the other hand is lovely! Try that! 

  • edited June 2016
    I still have a long way to go but I recently said "fuck it" to programs. What the fuck do these people think they're going to, a play? It's a ceremony and a damn dinner. Fin. 

    So no programs to me. I wanted to go fancy and place a huge sign I designed (am graphic designer) but the cost of that shit plus the stand was ridiculous. I contributed that money to my honeymoon instead.
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