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Friday it's Friday!!

Good morning my lovely Ney-ers! I lurked a bit yesterday but didn't find a whole lot of time to post. Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least.

I woke up not feeling all that great just from being stressed and lack of sleep so I was just icky the whole day. Callie had been doing this weird wheezing basically since she was born but I never worried about it because it didn't happen all that often. Well this past month it has been happening multiple times a day and I took her to the pedi yesterday and they said she has what's called Laryngomalacia which is non threatening thankfully. It just means her cartilage in her throat is underdeveloped and can collapse when she breathes. Apparently she will grow out of it but it might be a while. I'm just glad it isn't anything serious.

Besides that we had noms Chicken Posole soup and did CrossFit! It was a good night at least.

Today I need to pick up some ingredients for this weekend and probably CrossFit tonight.

Tomorrow Callie girl will be 8 months old! I can't believe how fast she is growing! We have swim lessons and then maybe a day at the park if it's nice out or I might make homemade finger paint lol. It's totally edible so it would be hilarious to see her play with it.

Sunday we are going to a Memorial Day party at the lake. I'm making snickers dip and will spend the day there. 

Monday is Memorial Day so we will do our annual Murph workout at CrossFit. This is our third year doing it and I plan to try to beat my original record since last year I did it the half Murph because I was 5 months pregnant. I plan to make a big dinner and make Crab Cakes and roasted tomatoes. And I want to make a patriotic fruit trifle for dessert!

What are your plans for this long weekend?
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Re: Friday it's Friday!!

  • @jenna8984 I hope you get to the lake! A picture is such a good idea.

    @swazzle I wonder what ate it? That's hysterical! 
    friends tv show funy
  • @jenna8984 Are you not taking maternity pictures? I love belly pictures! I bet you would get some pretty ones at the lake! I actually wanted to do our maternity pictures at the lake but decided against it since it was still over the summer and would probably be crowded.

    @lizzytish88 Aw I bet that would be so much fun! You should definitely surprise him! 

    @Swazzle OH NO! I hate it when the animals get to your plants! My mom has done all the things to keep that from happening. She covers them so the deer and rabbits can't get to them. I'm so sorry, I hope you have more growing still.

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    @lizzytish88 glad you had fun last night. oooo phantom gourmet bbq sounds amazing!

    @swazzle hahaha omg what a little son of a bitch that animal is! Couldn't even wait a whole day!

    @southernpeach89So far we don't have any planned with an actual photographer. H figured we'd save the money and snap a few with his Nikon. I also enlisted my bff to snap a few of us at the restaurant where we got married, kind of mimicking the few wedding pics we have. And then we'll treat her to lunch there. Don't know when this is happening though lol.

    Oh yea, my best friend told me yesterday that she's getting weight loss surgery in 3 months. I am so, so excited for her. It's such a big decision and drastic life change, I'm really looking forward to seeing her progress to where she wants to be for her future!



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  • @southernpeach89 - I was really looking forward to trying half Murph but in my present state, I'm not allowed to :(
    @swazzle - What do you think ate your plant? Your picture showed you have it fenced in, right?

    H grilled steak and veggies last night, but he forgot half the vegetables that I bought, so I had a mini meltdown. I have been stressed (between work and life stuff) for months and it is all really getting to me. H made me go upstairs and do my meditation, and then I was just relaxing and about to start falling asleep when I got an emergency call from work. I had to get up and proceeded to be on a 90 minute phone call. I give zero f*%ks today.

    We have nothing planned tonight. Tomorrow we're going to a local restaurant to get crabs, and Sunday I think we have a friends house to go to. Other than that, we might tackle part of our basement, but that's it!
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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

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  • @cu97tiger - God, I feel you lady.  I'm so sorry work is so stressful for you too.  You don't NEED this!  I wish I had some words of advice but I can offer empathy and solidarity at least.  Hugs.
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    @cu97tiger - Yep, it's fenced in and the fence is tight. I guess something really small could somehow wiggle its way under but I don't see paw prints anywhere and the dirt isn't disturbed! Our neighbor said it could be the birds. I'm sending you calming vibes and huge hugs that today is less stressful <3

  • @cu97tiger Aww well hopefully you can go and cheer on your fellow athletes! 

    @minskat30 Most of the recipes I've come across are made with Corn starch and food coloring mixed with water but I know there are other recipes. My biggest concern if having Callie stained with a bunch of colors lol so I want to see if I can find a non staining one haha.

  • @swazzle - How tall is the fence?  I've seen bunnies hop over them before.  But it may very well be birds too.  
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    @minskat30 - Holy crap, 39 weeks?!?!?!?! Go Ani Go! The fence is pretty high, I couldn't step over it if I tried. 

  • @southernpeach89  glad it's nothing serious! When I first read the wheezing sentence, I actually was thinking tonsils because I wheezed due to tonsils being too big.

    @jenna8984 yay swimming :)

    @LizzyTish88 what's Phantom Gourmet? I hope the surprise works :)

    @swazzle LMFAO! That happened to my mum! She grew a hot pepper for Matt and in the morning she saw it and was going to pick it after work, then it was gone!

    Not much last night. Groceries and picked up boxes from mum's work. Just puttered around and sat on balcony chit-chatting about different things that we may need to do for house. We've decided kitchen will get painted before the winter.
    Also the Charmed Aroma soap that I ordered my mum came in! I'm curious what the rings are. I got her the grapefruit one and got myself the mango lemongrass one. Not like I need soap ....

    Just as I was going to bed I had a big of a sad moment because this is another milestone that my dad isn't around for. It's one of those things that'll happen every so often. Penny doesn't know what to do when I'm crying, so she stood at the door staring at me. Then she crept into the bedroom and meercat'd to see me on the bed.
    After a bit, I went to sit out in the living room. Matt knows when I'm not okay and just as I was explaining to him again, I started crying again. So we just lay on the couch for a bit and I crashed.

    Today it's suppose to be stupid hot/humid, and not looking forward to it. We're foregoing the a/c this year because that's an extra $100 that we don't wanna pay but I think we'll end up regretting it heavily. *sigh*

    Warm all weekend .... no huge plans this weekend, except to start packing knick-knacks around the place that aren't fragile.
  • @minskat30 EEEKKKK it's so close I can't even wait! Ani is going to be here so soon! Even if she is late she is just getting more beautiful, perfect, and stronger by the day!
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  • @beachyone15 I'm thinking about making something like this with Strawberries and Blueberries:
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  • Weird advice needed....spiders.  Anyone ever have a major problem with them? Remedies?  I hate, hate, hate spiders and we have tons in our house all of a sudden for some reason (just house spiders).  I'm calling an exterminator but I kill about 2 every day and H kills about 2 every day on average....and those are just the ones we are seeing.  I thought it was a spring thing but this didn't happen last year and its continued now for several weeks.  I don't want a bunch of chemicals in the house right before Ani gets here either.  :( 
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    @cu97tiger 90 minute calls at home?! Oh hell no! My boss knows I barely even answer my phone when I'm AT work lol. Hope you have a relaxing weekend and feel better.

    @minskat30 aaaaaah I'm so excited for you, it could literally be any day!

    @beachyone15 oooh your grandpa's party sounds fun! I will probably keep it pretty casual, sundress or maxi skirt. I haven't bought any "dressy" maternity clothes since I have no weddings or anything this summer.

    @misskittydanger I'm sure your dad is looking down very proud of you!



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    @minskat30 - I'm not sure what to do other than call an exterminator. When was the last time you had one out? We try to call them every 6 months because I know bugs like to try and get inside whenever the weather changes each season. Maybe you could ask them about the chemicals they use and if there's a great reason for concern with a small baby around.

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  • @minskat30 We used to have a bad spider problem and we just had have the exterminator come and spray. We had them spray the Summer before Callie was born so it was a bit longer prior to Callie's birth but I think just as long as Ani doesn't come in contact with the chemicals then it should be ok? I would ask your pedi or maybe your doctor but I feel like it should be ok.
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    @labro - Of all people, I can't imagine your front yard "looking like poop".
    Lol aww thanks but it really does need some help! We have a massive "island" I guess in the front yard and it's all bare dirt ever since we removed the trees. And then H leveled off the slope a bit in it too so right now we have a large ridge of dirt running through the middle of it that we will smooth out once we get the retention wall built. I guess it's not immediately visible from the street because of all our rose bushes but WE can see it and our neighbors can see it and I just want this project DONE! Plus also we have a bunch of bare spots in the side yard close to the street that we recently planted grass seed in...once the grass sprouts it'll look really nice but in the meantime it's meh.

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    @labro whoa that must be a massive section you need to cover for $600. Last weekend H got 12 bags of mulch for $25 and it was enough to line each side of the driveway and under the picture window. But we definitely need to re-seed, the grass is like not even grass :(  also that dip sounds heavenly.



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    @jenna8984 Yeah...we order in bulk rather than buy bags at this point because we have such a huge area...I think we ordered something like...12 cubic yards of mulch when we re-did our backyard last year. For your reference - 1 cubic yard is equivalent to about 13.5 bags of mulch. And we'd need a similar amount to re-do the front.

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