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Signature Cocktails - Help Needed!

Hey all!  We are seriously considering doing a Beer/Wine reception with a couple Signature Cocktails to save on costs.  We are doing a movie-themed wedding and want the cocktails to have movie-based names as well.  Chick Flicks preferably (romantic comedies, etc).  However, I am not a huge drinker and neither is FI….so I am looking for ideas for Signature Cocktails that will be well-received!  You can name them too if you want!  ;)


Any help is welcomed!  Thank you in advance!!!

Re: Signature Cocktails - Help Needed!

  • I agree with PP, and I think you  should come up with the drinks before the names. One vodka or gin cocktail, and one whiskey or rum cocktail would be a good variety.

    If you have a drink that ends up being pink, "Pretty in Pink" is the first movie that came to mind...
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  • What do the people who you are inviting like to drink?

    My friends tend to either being in the beer/wine camp or they will drink whisky or vodka.  None of my friends are into rum, gin, or tequila and most aren't into sweeter drinks.  I'm not suggesting you poll your entire invite list, but I would try to get a feel for what they drink.  There's no point in suggesting whisky based cocktails if most of your crowd prefers rum. 

    I will say that for your bartenders sake, they probably want something that can either be made up in large batches and poured from a pitcher or they'll want something with relatively few ingredients.  No one wants a line up at the bar while the bartender has to muddle together 7 different ingredients for a single drink.  I would just consult with your venue - they'll be able to give you an idea of what they can do well and what is popular.

    (I will add, that nearly every time I've had a "themed" cocktail where it was clear they just picked it to match the theme, particularly a color, I have not been particularly pleased and usually switch over to what I normally drink after a couple of sips.  So pick based on what people like drinking, not on a made up concoction to suit a theme.)
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