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  • @500days  When we were approached, we were in the states at the time so I'm not sure. I know in Canada there's people {typically Jehovah's Witness in my area} that come to the door, but missionaries aren't as popular.

    Side note: if you have a tattoo of any science proportions, they will likely leave you alone. Matt has 2 tatts on each arm that are science related {carbon atom and drake equation} We had Jehovah Witness approach us and they saw his tatts, looked at him and promptly walked away. lol
  • @eilis1228 @Swazzle So I can take a look and maybe add it to my goodreads list - who wrote Finders Keepers? Always looking for good books to read!
  • RE: Missionaries 

    I was taking Callie for a walk in her stroller around the neighborhood and we were approached by two LDS missionaries. They tried to stick their heads in Callie's stroller and I stared at them like they were crazy people and said, "Um Hi?". They didn't catch my vibe and were like, "OH SHE IS SO CUTE!!" blah blah blah "Are you Mormon? Are you interested in that?" and I said no and I go to another church and they still persisted and finally I just walked away. 
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    @PamBeesly524 - It's the 2nd book in the Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King. 

  • @Swazzle ooo awesome. I like most of his stuff so I'll have to check out the trilogy! 
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    @AlPacina Next time I will have to make that face or ya know just run into the ocean yelling about the spaghetti monster god.

    @southernpeach89 They persisted with me too. Asking me to pray with them. I wish I could have just taken off. I cannot believe they stuck their head in your stroller! Ugh!

    [Deleted User]AlPacinaMissKittyDangerspeakeasy14
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    @southernpeach89 yum those wraps do sound good!

    @labro hope your review went well and you got a raise

    @alpacina you look h-o-t!

    @pambeesly524 I bought something on Amazon today but it wasn't on Prime sale, just something I wanted lol

    @500days that sounds like such a nice dinner, I've never been there. When I was 21 and driving across the country, I stopped at a beach down south. I was approached by missionaries and since I was young/friendly/lonely from driving I let them sit and chat with me for a while. Told them I wasn't interested but they still kept "praying" that the remainder of my trip was safe. I thought that was nice.

    Nothing else new here...37 weeks today and like I said yesterday my appointments have been normal and they don't anticipate him coming until right on schedule. 3 weeks seems like torture for sleeping and belly/feet pain but I'm trying to be optimistic that it will go by quick.

    Some of my friends are really butthurt that I won't be letting them know I'm in labor. Like no, I'm allowed to have that time to myself (and H) and nobody else needs to know or be pestering me. They can wait until he's here to know that he's here. They are like "I won't show up or anything, I just want to know" and I'm like well good for you, I don't care what you want lol.



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    Just added a Squatty Potty to my Prime Day Purchase List. 

    eilis1228AlPacinalabro[Deleted User]
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    @swazzle - My wedges today are so tall that I feel like I'm using a squatty potty when I sit down. I hope it is everything you dreamed it could be!

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    @AlPacina - I've tried it before and it is GLORIOUS! 

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