Any Good Vegan Caterers in CT?

This is my first post! My fiance proposed about a month ago and we're getting married next summer at the Branford House. The issue is, I'm vegan and we're planning to have a vegan wedding. We're considering A Thyme to Cook, but their proposal came in around $112 and I was hoping for something a little less expensive (we're paying for the wedding ourselves and are on a tight budget).

I've been looking at a few other caterers but I can't find anyone who seems to have a history of experience with plant-based food, and I'm concerned it might be too much of a challenge for a chef used to building a menu around animal products to do an entire vegan menu.

I'd love any suggestions! (Also, if there are any other Branford brides around I'd love to hear your input on just about anything! I am a total disaster at planning and have zero idea what I'm doing :smile: .)

Re: Any Good Vegan Caterers in CT?

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    I used A Thyme to Cook and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They were also a little more expensive than we were looking for as well, but it was 100% worth it. The coordinator was AMAZING, the food was to die for (I still have people telling me that "such & such was the best I've ever had.") and they were willing to work with us to do whatever we wanted! 

    Are there other areas you could budget down on in order to fit ATTC? Especially because you're planning something so specialized, and if ATTC can do it for you, you KNOW it will be delicious. 


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  • Another Branford Bride here for next summer!! :smiley:
     We met with A Thyme to Cook too, but our proposal was even more! We're going with Catering by Christine, while I'm not sure that they have a vegan menu, they are super flexible and open to trying/making anything (he told me I could come up with some horsdeurves that I might be interested in and he'd be open to trying them and making them his own).  Abel Caterers is good, but they specialize in Kosher, not Vegan.  Also if you know of any Vegan restaurants, it might be worth contacting them and seeing if they can recommend a vegan caterer.
  • We've been discussing a menu with David Alan catering, I'm pretty encouraged by what they've produced so far and they are WAY cheaper than ATTC. Fingers crossed that it works out!
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