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Have to vent because this is so weird to me...

One of FI's groomsmen's(Jack) wife(Jill) sent a FB message to FI asking if she could bring a guest to the wedding. Jill knows all of the other GM's & their wives and knows a fair amount of other guests at the wedding. We are not having a head table and are not asking wedding party members to spend large amounts of time away from their wives/dates.

In the FB message Jill also asked, "Are you and Dyerwise stating at the hotel on the wedding night? Is anyone staying at your house that night?". I feel like this is super weird and it makes me super uncomfortable. You want to stay at my home with a guest I've never met? FI and I have only met Jill a total of 4 times, so we don't even know her that well.

Jack and Jill just got married last year after knowing each other for only a few months, the first time we met was at their wedding. The second time we met her was when we booked a lake house for a weekend with them a few other couples. Jack was using the shower in their bedroom and Jill used the shower in our room while we were at the store. I had packed up my makeup and toiletries up because I assumed others may use our bathroom and didn't want to leave a mess.  Well, when I came back I saw Jill had used all of my things. My razor, my mascara, my eyeliner, my hair brush.... I was grossed out. WHO DOES THAT. I don't even want to think about her alone in my house for a night... would she use my back up night time retainer?

FI hasn't responded yet because he doesn't even believe she is asking him and not Jack.

Re: Have to vent because this is so weird to me...

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    Definitely tell her No on both fronts!

    The house is particularly weird... generally I would not want someone staying at my house without me there, but then I think if I had a good friend from out of town visiting, or it was one of my brothers, OK sure. But not someone I do not know well. I also agree that you don't need to be worrying about having your house presentable for guests when you're busy with your wedding. Nope, and nope.
  • EW EW EW EW EW she used your personal toiletries? Including your razor? EWWWWWWWW! Boundary stomping aside that is just unhygienic and gross. No way would I let her stay at my house. Ew. No.

    And the makeup? That's how eye infections get spread. Ew. The only time I ever used someone else's makeup was when it was a very close personal friend and I had permission.

  •  How about 'fuck no and don't ever use my make up again you filthy bitch!'

    Sorry, not long woke up and I am really grossed out about her using your stuff.
     @ernursej is much more eloquent than me!
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    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • Gross.  I would tell her you can't accommodate any extra guests and completely ignore the house question entirely.  
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    I'd add on that she owes you for a new razor, mascara, eyeliner, and hair brush too. I would straight throw all of that out. Not the hair brush, but everything else, yes.
  • If she's that gross that she had no problems using your razor, mascara, eyeliner, you might also want to replace your toothbrush.

    That is seriously nasty. I have heebeejeebees thinking about it so I can only imagine how you must feel!
  • Whaaaaaaaat??

    Nope.    Big old bucket of nope to all of it.    
  • That is so awkward. It sounds like someone wasn't taught manners or boundaries growing up. Why on earth would you ask to stay at someone's home that you have only met a few times and also bring a guest... on the night of their wedding!

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  • I would be wondering if Jack knows that Jill sent that message. I would have had my FI talk to Jack and ask him what was going on with that situation, but in as friendly a way as possible. Maybe, "did you and Jill make plans for our wedding yet? Do you need the information for the hotel again? And WHO THE HECK IS YOUR WIFE TRYING TO BRING TO MY WEDDING?"
  • Tell her you have no set plans and that nobody will be staying in your home.

    YUCK! Who "borrows' somebody's personal effects? She sounds strange.
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