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Has anyone ever purchased a Fenway brick, and if so, did you get a confirmation e-mail about your order, etc?  We ordered one and I never got a confirmation e-mail, I'd feel much better if I did....please let me know.  Thanks.

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    Yes I got a confirmation email and then a letter about 2-3 weeks later.  You could call them and have them check their records.

    I already received it and it came out great - I can't wait to have it displayed at our reception and surprise FI.
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    Similar to PP, I received a confirmation email and then the brick. I really like it and am excited to give it to him at our rehearsal dinner.
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    I received an e-mail and a letter, but it took a few days to get the e-mail and a few weeks for the letter. I called and customer service was very helpful and found my order. 

    Call if you're worried!
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    Thanks everyone...I will give them a call
  • MisheyldMisheyld member
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    I'm glad you asked this question.  I ordered one a couple weeks ago and haven't recieved an e-mail either.  My card was charged though.. 
  • luv2teech7luv2teech7 member
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    I'm still trying to figure out what you put on the brick!!!!  I asked this to someone before who suggested it as a gift, but I have NO idea what to put on the brick!
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    luv2teech7, we put our names, the date of our wedding, and a saying that we always say to each's really up to you...they have examples of bricks on the can put anything you want on it (as long as it fits LOL)'ll figure it out

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    I did our names and date - I didn't do our last name b/c my FI is a pretty private person and I knew he wouldn't want it on there.
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