The Riverview - Simsbury

Have heard very mixed reviews of The Riverview.  The place is beautiful - have you been there?  How was the food? 

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    Food is eh and drinks are sometimes watered down. Haven't had great experiences at weddings there or at the Waterview in Monroe.

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  • Thank you for your feedback.  It's exactly what I've heard too. 
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    my brother and sil got married there appitizers were out of this world i cant speak for the mixed drinks because i am not a drinking but i know people who drank and said it was good. dinner was good my chicken was cooked perfect it came with mashed potatoes and two carrots that were more on the plate as a garnish. i know the vegetable neapolitan was also good

    they are more into pretty plates. when i got married i made sure my venue served lots of food and good portions.

    the riverview does not to food tastings but if you go to the bridal shows they host they do give out appetizers and mini desserts 

    and the wedding cake was out of this world ( i am a hobby baker and the cake was amazing)  

     but this was back in 2012

    if you are on the fence with this venue look for something else go with a place that charges less per person and use the extra money to do a really cool add on like a dessert table, ice cream bar, etc 
  • Does the Riverview have a separate cocktail hour location - or is everything done in the ballroom?
  • not sure about the riverview but the waterview do it in the ballroom area but they have a wall divider. 
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