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  • Because my birthday is on Saturday and Tuesday is our normal out-for-lunch day at work, I got to pick where we went and H was allowed to come join us (it's literally just my bosses, me, and one part time guy) and I had a raspberry lemon drop martini. I love my job.

    Mom wants me to pick out what I want for a birthday cake, and we're eating at Grandma's Friday night. Dinner and The Wiz at the local community theatre Saturday. Possibly day-trip to Boone on Labor Day. My birthdays go on for weeks, y'all. Lol.

    Also, tell me what to do in Jamaica. I want us to go there for our next big vacation and I've never been out of the country. Looking at staying somewhere in Negril for 5-6 nights in June.
  • Congratulations @DrillSergeantCat
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    Yay for baby girls @DrillSergeantCat
  • *Barbie* said:
    I feel like i have a mental block today - so just trying to make it until 4. 

    I am looking into more ideas for 2017 trips - I want to do Iceland in March and Australia/Tasmania in October-ish, so trying to get more ideas and potential itineraries. 
    Curious on why those places
    I have horrible wanderlust - so the overall bucket list is a lot longer. Part of this list touches on photography opportunities (it's one of my hobbies) and also on the desire to meet new people, learn about different cultures, try different foods, etc.

    Iceland - northern lights, ice caves,  volcanic/tectonic activity - lava fields/geysers, crazy natural beauty, the penis museum, opportunity to enjoy "cold" weather (we live in TX), Icelandic horses, see the glaciers, scuba in between tectonic plates. We were in the early stages of planning a trip for Dec 2014 and ended up deciding to postpone for a while. March is still a good time to visit for the auroras and the winter activities, and our daughter has a week of spring break in early March, so it would be a family trip. The only thing that may impact the destination is age limits on some of the activities - she'll be 6 if we go in 2017, so if she can't participate in a lot of things, we'll wait until she can. 

    Australia/Tasmania - same thing re: natural beauty and wildlife. This would just be a trip for DK and I, and would likely be 2 weeks. DK is a fish nut and wants to experience the Great Barrier Reef, which is rapidly dying off. I want to see penguins and Tasmanian devils in the wild. It would be spring if we go in late September/early October, so not ungodly hot yet. We also have the options of beach time and exploring the cities. 

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