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Champagne Shirts with Charcoal Suit...

Looking for inspiration - anyone else have the groom/groomsmen in champagne (beige/tan/ecru... whatever you want to call it) shirts and charcoal suits?

Early November wedding. My dress is ivory/champagne. White shirts are out (too bright for my dress), and textured ivory shirts are IMPOSSIBLE to find (groom doesn't want to wear undershirt, so textured dress shirt is a must). Girls are in wine (ties are wine too).

Re: Champagne Shirts with Charcoal Suit...

  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216
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    Champagne and charcoal are both neutrals, so I think you're fine. Sounds stunning!
  • I think they should be in white. Ivory men's shirts just look dirty. 
  • I agree with @cowgirl8238.  If you are having trouble finding something, I'd consider trying the wine shirt and a champagne tie on the groomsmen and putting the groom in a white shirt with champagne tie.  With the gray suit, one white shirt shouldn't overwhelm your dress.

  • I recommend white shirts.  Your photos will look better.  My daughter wore an ivory dress and her husband wore a white shirt.  You can't tell there is any difference in the photos.  All shades of white, including champagne, are neutrals, and they do not clash, but compliment each other.
  • I think it doesn't matter. My sister had an ivory gown and decided the men should have ivory shirts as well to match. After seeing it on here that ivory shirts would look dirty, I was worried about the color. However, it looked just fine. You don't really notice that either the dress or the shirts aren't a true white. They match really well and the shirts don't look dirty. 

    So in my experience, it doesn't matter. Do whatever you want. 

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